Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last Gay Nerve Plucked

     This has really been an interesting week. My audio book came out, which has been exciting. A great big thank you to everyone who purchased it. I personally think that Jared Bradford did an outstanding job. Check it out of you haven’t already. The sample alone is wonderful. 

Check out this amazing trailer made by May Wilson

     Note: I think that most of you know that I try to stay out of anything that has to do with politics, religion or anything that is really controversial. It isn’t my job and I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, sometimes, I just need to say something.
     Then this…

     Every heard of Well you will now if you haven’t. One, I’m going to tell you a little bit about it and two, I’m sure it will make the news, or should. If it doesn’t make the major news outlet though, I won’t be too surprised. There is something really off on this whole story.
     Here’s what I know…
     Tuesday afternoon the department of Homeland Security, (yes, you’re reading that correctly) raided the offices of Rentboy in Manhattan, New York City. Now, I was scratching my head wondering why Homeland Security was involved. Being the curious person I am, I went directly to their website to check them out. What did I find? Their mission statement says…
          1. Prevent Terrorism and enhancing security:
          2. Secure and manage our borders:
          3. Enforce and administer our immigration laws:
          4. Safeguard and secure cyberspace:
          5. Ensure resilience to disasters:
     Looking at that list, the only thing I could see relating to this would be the cyberspace statement, so I looked a little further. Here is what they say about that. (Taken directly from their website.) 
     The Department has the lead for the federal government for securing civilian government computer systems, and works with industry and state, local, tribal and territorial governments to secure critical infrastructure and information systems. The Department works to:
          • analyze and reduces cyber threats and vulnerabilities;
          • distribute threat warnings; and
          • coordinate the response to cyber incidents to ensure that our computers,                       networks, and cyber systems remain safe.
     Umm… call me crazy but I don’t see anything on that list that says going after prostitution rings. So why? Well, like most things in Washington, D.C., where Homeland Security is based, the best way to figure something out is to follow the money.
     Now I know that there are some who are saying that it was all about diverting attention from the whole Ashley Madison thing, and that some big political big-wig was running scared. Not so fast there… if that were the case, it would have been handled by the FBI, who has more influence in political matters than Homeland Security. Sorry, but that dog don’t hunt.
     Having lived in D.C., I know that things are not always on the up-and-up. I’ve seen and heard too many tipsy (drunk) aides, pages and other government workers. Some of the things I’ve heard would piss most Americans off and then there are the things that are just scary. I’ve never been a big conspiracy alarmist, but I’m smart enough to know that there are some things that just don’t add up.
     So what it the big deal? This is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, right? Uh, not so fast my friends.
     It reminds me of the whole D.C. Madame scandal back in 2006. The raid was underhanded, at best, and done by the US Postal Inspection Service, which is under the jurisdiction of the FBI. Here again there was a lot of money and property involved. Funny how these things happen, huh?
     What a lot of people may not know is that there was a man or two who were on the ‘call’ list for those clients who might have swung that way, or both ways. However, their names never came out.
     The woman later hanged herself. Hmmm, not so sure I believe that one either, as many other feel the same way. There were some really important people on that client list. And of course there was an election going on and surprise… a major player got caught up in it, another surprise… not.
     Again, why was Homeland Security involved? I still say it was all about the money. The automatic budget cuts that forced most agencies to cut back, including the Secret Service, which has had their fair share of scandal of late.
     And what could be easier? Gay, prostitution, big money, not a lot of publicity or public support… easy pickings. What I’ve noticed over the past ten years or so is that the hardline gay politicos have disappeared. Sure, there were some out there for gay marriage, but for standing up for other injustices… they’re just not there and haven’t been for quite some time. So yeah, there isn’t much push-back on the feds.
     Here’s my thoughts on the matter…
     It’s called the world’s oldest profession for a reason. You’re never going to stop it. The right wingers and stomp and scream and carry on till they are blue in the face, but it is still going to exist. Of course, once they put down their picket signs, they’re the first ones to go running into the backdoor to take advantage of ‘the services’ of those they were protesting.
     I personally think that Rentboy provided a much needed service. They offered sex workers a platform to be safe, still peddle their wares, while letting men needing or wanting those services a way to do it safely as well. I say it was a win-win situation. As far as I know it was between two consenting adults and behind closed doors… I assume. We all know there are some kinky fuckers out there, so they may have been doing the nasty in the bushes for all we know. Still, as long as they weren’t hurting anyone, none of my business.
     For the most part I was pretty blasé about the whole thing. Well, that’s not exactly true. Okay, okay I was really ticked off. I was pretty pissed that the government was once again picking on the LGBT community. But I had a pretty good idea of the why’s of it all. Unfortunately, those associated with Rentboy will be left unemployed, penniless and their reputations ruined.
     The thing that really pissed me off is thinking of those guys who were putting themselves through school while working in the sex industry. Oh, did you know that Rentboy had a scholarship program? Yeah, they were helping the community in several ways. Where else can a guy make that kind of money in such a short amount of time? It sure won't be at Mickey D’s!
     Then there are the guys who were doing it just to survive. It kept them off the streets, made it safe and a way to vet potential clients. Remember, this has been going on for thousands of years, and it isn’t going to stop just because you pull down a website. Another will take its place eventually, you wait and watch.
     I’ve been pretty busy this week so I’ve not been online much but I did sneak on the other night when I couldn’t sleep just to catch up on things. What I saw was appalling to me. Gay men bashing those sex workers. I really had steam coming out of my ears when a porn star put those guys down.
     Wait… you’re fucking on film and you have the nerve to call those guys on Rentboy whores? Uhhh… you’re a sex worker just like they are and you have the gall to call someone a whore? Listen, they are having sex, going on dates, keeping men company one-on-one. Mr. Porn Star, you’re having sex and invited the entire world to watch? So you get a nice legal paycheck instead of some John forking over cash. Money is money jerk-wad, and you’re still throwing your legs to Jesus, jacking your dick as you take a dick up the ass for money. In my opinion you just showed yourself to be a shallow egotistical asswipe.
     Oh, I’m not done yet…
     Then there was this gay man, on his white horse saying that they got what they deserved, talking about the guys on Rentboy. Just remember you pious butt-cunt, every time you take your pud in hand, watch the porn on your laptop as you spank-the-monkey, you yourself are participating in the same industry you’re putting down. I swear, some of these uppity-better-than-you faggots pluck my last gay nerve. (I’m so going to need a Bloody Mary after this.)
     Now that I’ve done my rant, I’d like to draw y’all’s attention to the plight of the LGBT youth around the world. Some of these sex workers have no other choice to make a living other than selling themselves. Oh, I can hear it now… ‘there’s always another choice’. Yeah, well you stick your butt out on the street with no money, no shelter and no food and see what you come up with. The choices are not a lot, I assure you.
     I think we all need to take a step back, take a deep breath, step down into that gutter and have a good look. What I see are kids, young adults, who are so downtrodden, so without hope, without love, without…anything. Having lived in Atlanta, I’ve seen this first hand. It isn’t pretty. It is a hard life and these kids become shells of themselves, just trying to survive. Survive without the tools to help themselves, because they are just too young to have learned how yet.
     Each one of us can help. All it takes is your commitment to open your eyes and see the need. There are homes for LGBT in almost every major city that need help. Volunteer. Meet the needs on their wish lists. Hell, just reach out and see how you can help.
     I know that the LGBT Youth Center in Atlanta was always asking for books for their library, board games, snacks, tutors, etcetera. There are so many ways to help.. You just need to do it. If each and every one of you were to do just one small thing, that adds up quickly. Pretty soon, those wish lists become smaller and smaller.
     These are just kids. Kids that might not have to turn to places like Rentboy or walking the streets looking to make enough money to eat that night. Kids who will be out in the cold this coming winter. Kids that will have a chance to get back in school and have a chance at life.
     I tell you now… if you do something…anything, no matter how small, you really are helping yourself. I know this from experience. The warm feeling that starts in your gut will soon grow and before you know it, you’re heart, your very soul will be a glowing ember that will make you shine. Good Karma Coins will go into your bank. Know that old saying? “What goes around comes around.” Remember that one. I truly believe in that. But don’t do it because you expect something though. Do it because you have a heart and you care. You do care. I know you do.
     So I am going to leave it there. I hope that I didn’t bend your ear too much.
     Have a grrreat week, y’all. Oh, feel free to share this if you want.


  1. It's always about politics and money as sad as it may be. Depressing though as prostitution should be legal.

  2. Always about money. If prostitution was legal it can be made safer and be regulated. No one in porn should ever look down on prostitution, in fact many are escorts because the money isn't enough. Besides the fact the workers should be left alone.
    Great post.

  3. I hope you had a bloody mary for me. I read what some random unnamed porn star wrote and yeah, I got PISSED!!! All I could think was, but for the grace of god go you, or any of us for that matter. Hell, I write smut for a living. That doesn't make me better than these kids. We both feed ourselves by exploiting that which we have... fantasies. They earn it on their knees/backs and I earn it on my computer but the bottom line is, a lot of people are made happy by what they/I do because it gives them great fantasies and we all know the goal of those now don't we.

  4. Great post! White bread Americans never get down in the street. They have NO idea what's real. They may read a book or watch a TV short report ... but they aren't in the unrelenting reality of living on the streets. None of them are starving or freezing or sick. It doesn't go away because the story ended with a HEA! It is grueling ... it is grinding ... it is a killer! I want them to tell me after spending a month homeless ... how they think anybody can just say ... they can fix it ... it's their problem. Most people are just a paycheck away from living on the street ... hopefully they have considered their own possible plight. But ....per usual ... their thinking will be ... not me ... I could survive. Don't bet on it! Thank you for defending Rentboys! This is not right ... it's persecution ... the American way!

  5. It is always amazing to me that the same people who want smaller government think telling others what they should be allowed to do with their own bodies is somehow okay. Crazy.