Sunday, October 26, 2014

I write for me first, then you...

     Wow…where do I start? 

     GRL was last week and it was, as usual, a whirlwind of people and activities. Last Sunday I was traveling, so was unable to get a post put up. There was just too much going on. I’ll try and catch you up, so this may be a long ass blog. Well, for me at any rate. 
Thank you Meredith Russell for the great photo.

     So Gay Rom. Lit. What can I say? It was so good to see so many friends. I do say friends instead of readers and authors. It is amazing to me how much my life has changed since I started writing. When I first started out, my writing was really crap. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think anyone would want to read my stories. A lot has changed since then. 

     Last year I was scared to death. I've never been much of one to be out front, dealing with people. Putting myself out there for people to talk to? Uhhh, not my cup of tea, as they say. So you can only imagine what I was going through. My Hero had been out for a bit and did really well. My nerves were shattered. People knew who I was and I knew nobody except for a very select few. 

     This year it was much different. Although I was a bit nervous, I was more excited to see people who I had made friends with last year and then over the course of this year online. It is great to put actual faces and voices to those you meet from FB. I received so many hugs it wasn't even funny. That is what I like best about GRL. 

     Met several new people who I also admire, like Zathyn Priest. What a cool guy. Need to read some of his books. Got to meet Ethan Stone and his other half, Demetri. What a cute couple. They were both so nice during the book signing. These are just a few who I so enjoyed spending time with. There were so many others as well. Over all, it was a great weekend. Lots of fun. Lots of laughs. 

     Now for my UGH…, which I hate.

      As many of you know, my book Going Home, was pulled from Amazon and ARe, in less than twenty-four hours from one another. I can only surmise that it was reported for the ‘taboo’ content that was clearly stated in the warnings. I even went so far as to mention these warnings days in advance of the book being released. 

     From experience, I have learned that rarely do readers complain about the content of books. However, it is fairly well known throughout the M/M writing community that some authors or some of their minions get jealous of other writers and then will go after them either in reviews or in some cases, flagging such type books and getting them removed from selling venues, such as Amazon. I truly hope that is not the case, but my gut feeling is that it was. 

     Now I know that neither Amazon nor ARe pulled my book because of the sex scenes. I know that some were a bit on the raunchy side, okay a lot on the raunchy side, but then my other books, equally as raunchy in parts, are still there, so that only leaves the content about the close, personal relationship between two of the characters. 

     I’ve read several comments as to why I think and feel, as do some others, that this is discrimination. If you remove the sex scenes from this book, you will be left with only the relationship aspect of it, correct? Let us start from that point, shall we? 

     IF indeed we can agree to start there, then it is really quite simple. There are a hell of a lot of books that should also be removed from Amazon that have the same type of content. I will list but a few of them.

1. Hamlet by William Shakespeare 
2. Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews 
3. Like Father, Like Son by Robert Scott 
4. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin 
5. In the Barn (Taboo Forbidden Erotica) by Selena Kitt (who says she has sold over a million copies) 
6. Incest to the Fourth Power by J & S Coleman 
7. Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley 
8. Baked by Sean Michael  
9. Daddy's Little Boy by Alan Holloway
10. Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving 
11. Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively 
12. The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan 
13. The Color Purple by Alice Walker 
14. Ada by Nabokov 
15. Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe 
16. Oedipus Rex by Sophocles 
17. Metamorphoses by Ovid 
18. Sleepwalkers by Stephen King (which is a book and a movie) 
19. Taboo by Willa Okati 
20. Brothers without Borders by Leiland Dale 

     Now, from the list you can see that some of these titles have been around for quite some time. I do not see them banning William Shakespeare anytime soon, do you? Color Purple? Or how about the ever popular Game of Thrones? Anyone care to argue this point? Could it possibly be because of the sex of the two main characters? 

     You can't judge the same because of the sex scenes, you say? Uhhh, you truly believe that? Then you obviously have not read much general reading then. I can also name several books, heterosexual of course, that get quite graphic by some rather well known, bestselling authors. Ms. Anne Rice for one. So don't even try that with me. 

      For those of you say that is a hard limit for you? Well, I didn't write it just for you. I write for me first and then those who might like to read it. It is the characters in my head that dictate what is going into a story. The people in my stories actually write the book if truth be told. 

     If you don’t care for what I write, then move along please. There are plenty of other books by some brilliant authors out there for you to take pleasure from. I’ll even recommend a couple of hundred or so if you would like. I will take no offense if this isn't your cup of tea. 

      However, let me make this very clear, for those of you who want to go and give a book a two star rating, or go off on a rant because of content - you only show others how closed-minded you truly are. Look at it this way: you aren’t giving a true review of the book but only a review of yourself. Trust me when I say this: I laugh. 

      I write as a gay man. I write what I know. I write what is real. I write for me. I write from a gay man’s point of view. It is really that simple. 

      I am truly blessed that there are people out there who enjoy what I do. To those, I thank you and am truly humbled. 

     Thank you so very, very much.


Because I fucking can.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to REALLY Tip a Stripper.

     Howdy, y’all! It is going to be a rather short blog this week. I’m trying to get ready for GRL and some other things, so my time is rather limited. Can’t wait to see old friends, and make new ones this year. See y’all there. 

     Recently, I saw a post with instructions on how to tip a stripper. I nearly fell out of my chair, literally. Now those who know me know I can sniff out a gay strip club or go-go bar from five miles away. Ask anyone who attended my GLR party last year. I’ve been going to male strip clubs for more years than I care to admit. I will say this much: I was going long before this… person, who was probably still in diapers. 

     Anyway, first off this: “I only tip $20.00 because I can afford it.” Well how faa-faa-fucking-faa for you. Do you have someone lighting your cigars with $100.00 bills too? HELLO, this is the real world. “Because I usually know the guy”. Well aren’t we just special? Sounds like collecting, if you ask me. 

      Second: “Be respectful.” Of course be respectful, but they are doing this job with their eyes wide open. They expect a little groping and such. Of course, don’t go clawing at them, and ladies, watch your nails please. That is a big complaint with strippers. They expect to be touched. They have basically given the invitation. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it, now would they? 

     Third: “Paper cuts, especially with dirty money, hurt like a bitch.” Uh… most of American money is primarily made from linen. Unless it is brand new, paper cuts are pretty much a non-issue. Most every male dancer I’ve ever known showers almost immediately after a show anyway, so the chances of getting a staph infection are very small. If you don’t feel comfortable pouch plunging, put it in the waistband, or if they are wearing an arm or leg band, put it in there. They’re usually not shy. 

     Most dancers fold their tips in half, long-ways. If you plan on ‘taking the plunge’ then fold it in half the other way again. The chances of getting cuts are slim to none, even if the bills are new. Go forth and tip with confidence. 

     I have to say, the dancers at Club Bliss last year were thrilled with my GRL party. They complimented me about our group over and over for months afterwards. I am sure that this year won’t be any different. Okay, now about the party I had planned while in Chicago this year - it’s been cancelled. The powers that be were pretty unhappy with me for scheduling it when I did, although that wasn’t intentional. I tried to move it over to Wednesday night, but that proved to be rather problematic. However, stay tuned… there are other Cons that I plan on attending next year and I’m already planning a major blow out. 

     Winter is coming soon. Please remember those who are less fortunate that you are. The homeless youth in major cities are especially vulnerable this time of year. They will engage in all kinds of risky behavior to eat and to get somewhere warm. Most major cities have shelters for homeless youth, and some even have ones that are especially for LGBT youth. Please be as generous as you can. 

     Remember, when you help someone else, you’re helping yourself as well. 

     Can’t wait to see everyone in Chicago! 

     Have a great week, y’all! 


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Will We....Or Won't We?

     So…here I sit looking at this big blank page, once again. Now what? I’m sitting here with my coffee, watching the news letting my mind wonder. 

     Crap! Snow! In Chicago. UGH. I don’t do snow. I blame Matt Boston. Once again he’s gone and done his flippin’ snow dance. So when y’all are up there, shoveling snow…all winter…again, you know who to blame! He did it last year too.

     Eeep! Another commercial for limp-dick syndrome. Awww…how nice. An older couple dancing to a vinyl record, an oldie but goodie. How sweet. Ummm… I wonder… 

     When will these companies start showing gay couples doing the same thing? Probably not in my life time, but then I said that about gay marriage too. Never thought I’d live to see that. That’s happened, so maybe? 

     Naw… not gonna happen. Why? Because men are pigs for the most part. However, it would be nice. Two grown adult men holding hands sitting on a bench, all snuggled up together. A quick fade to black. Fast. That damn little blue pill has kicked in. 

     What they aren’t going to show is them jumping into bed. Hair pulling, ass smacking, biting, and one screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Yeah, we all know it’s gonna be happening. Dirty, raw man sex. What else they aren’t going to show is the aftermath. Matted hair, the bed a total disaster and two men snoring, drool from one of their mouths sliding down onto the pillow. Yeah, the reality of romance. 

     Oh, and what about the Bath House Queen. Oh, I can just see that one now. The guy has probably spent hours whooshing and douching himself into a stupor. Balls shaved, hair just right, brush, flossed and mouth-washed himself almost drunk. Pops a couple of little blue pills, some vitamin C, D and K, makes a quick cocktail and he’s off to the races. 

     Just imagine that cartoon wolf, drooling and foaming at the mouth, his eyes popping in and out of his head and he races to the Bath House, where the wonders and delights of hot raw man-sex await. The chance of finding that one true love, in between rabid fucks of course, but so sure that he’ll be there none the less. 

     Fast forward six hours later, and here comes our hero, looking like something the cat threw up, dragging his worn out ass out to his car. He looks down at his now deflating, sore, somewhat raw dick with a big silly grin on his face. Four hours? Run off to a doctor if it lasts more four hours? Yeah, right…that’s gonna happen. Pfft…a gay man’s dream! Yeah, we’ll never see that commercial either. 

     Oh, what about the White Party twinks? You think they won’t be going online and ordering their own little supply of little blue party pills? Hell, you can get those things online, don’t act so shocked. Yeah, them twenty-somethings will also be using the Mr. Happy Dick pills. Sure they will. I mean, what gay man doesn’t want to have sex for hours and hours…and hours on end? Pu-leeease, Mary…you know they’re doing it. Think you’ll see an advertisement showing that? LMAO Nope. 

      This takes me back to that whole demographic report that Absolut Vodka and Ikea did years ago. Very quietly, they started slipping ads into gay newspapers, magazines and other free rags. Why? Because their study showed that gay men had more disposable income than the average household. They also partied their asses off, and of course, we all know fags like to decorate. Yes, we’re fabulous at it too! 

     So why won’t we see Viagra or Cialis targeted towards gay men? Simple. The American public isn’t ready to see two men holding hands, walking off into the sunset. Why? Pfft. Men are pigs and everyone knows it. They know what’s gonna happen. Yep, head banging into the wall, hips slapping hips, ass smacking, balls swinging…for hours on end. Yep…we know…all our minds will go there. 

     Nawww, we won’t be seeing those commercials anytime soon. Whew…I think I need a cold shower now. 

     Now then…I have a few friends that seem to be suffering from depression. I listen, I do the awwww in all the right places. I try to be a good friend. My advice? Get up off your sorry ass and go do something for someone else who has it a hell of a lot worse than you do. Quit your wallowing in your own self-pity, put on your big boy/girl pants and do something for someone else that really needs the help. Spend that time on those people instead of trying to crawl up on that cross getting splinters and then crying about that too. Come on... pull yourself out of that pity pool and do something productive.

     Now, go. Have a good day. See y’all next week. 


'Cause I like it!