Saturday, August 20, 2016

I'm trucking... Um... Ramblin' Again.

     So… it’s been another week and I’m still alive. Okay, I’m still having bits of coughing and I’m so over it. Oh well, I am getting better.
     It’s gonna be a rambling kind of post I think… Truckers work, right?
     Oh. My. God. The right-wing wack-a-doodles in North Carolina would fucking lose their minds here! We went to a pub for a drink one afternoon and I had to go use the rest room. By the way… they really do call it the loo here. Anyway, I go and low and behold, it is a unisex bathroom! Yep, you did read that correctly. There was a row of individual stalls, each with their own solid walls and locking doors. Along one wall was a bank of sinks, and I have to tell you, it was all very foo-foo/she-she decorated. Hell, my own bathroom wasn’t as nice as these. But can you imagine? Everyone uses the same lavatories? Oh hell, those religious nut-jobs would faint dead away, and then convulse over it all, possibly pissing their pants in the meantime.
     Now, I was also told that this is quite common and they were right. Another place we went do had the same set up. I think it is a great idea. Just do away with the whole male/female thing and throw ‘em all together and be done with it. How ‘bout them crackers. Oh, I’m not talking about the people crackers, just plain ol’ saltines would work.

     Speaking of crackers…
     Don’t’cha know that those bed-sheet-wearing fools would lose their shit? Well, I can see it. I mean… anyone who runs around in white sheets, with cone-shaped dixie cups on their heads with a veil aren’t all that mentally stable on the best of days. Bless their hearts, and I do mean that in the most loving Christian way.
     What do ya mean I can’t speak English… Yeah, that’s what I’ve been told over and over and over again. I don’t speak English I speak American. Well… fuck me runnin’ with a jelly doughnut. I do so speak English. Just because some of these Aussies can’t figure out what I’m sayin’ doesn’t mean I ain’t speakin’ it. I mean honestly, what the hell does fair dinkum mean anyway. Really? And then you wonder why I need a translator? Pfft… as long as no one thinks I’m from Texas again, I’m good.

     Now, don’t y’all go getting me wrong or nuttin’, because I have some very good friends who live in Texas. They are wonderful people. Good people. But when people see and hear people like that Ted Cruz fella, well… they tend to think people from Texas are a bit nuts.
     I’m from Tennessee and there are more ties between our two states than you could shake a stick at, even twice on Sundays! But I still don’t want people thinking I’m from there. Honestly, people look at the way Politicians there run things and they shake their heads in bewilderment. They aren’t sure if they are for real or not. Now before you good folk from the yellow rose state try and come jump my shit; start electing people who aren’t so bat-shit cra-cra. Ya hear?
     Oh, and don’t you think for one minute that the good folk of Tennessee don’t have their own whack-jobs, because they do. Yeah, listen to Trey Crowder’s take on some of the shit they try and pull. Just somehow, it don’t make the national, much less international news. I guess somehow we have figured out how to keep ‘em on a short leash.
     Yeah, so I’m a bit crazy…
     I’m not the bat-shit-scare-people kinda crazy though. Okay, sometimes I might scare people, but it isn’t like I’m chasin’ ‘em around with a gun and bible type nuts. I’m just the fun kind of crazy, or so I think anyway. I do tend to sometimes open my mouth and stuff just kinda rolls out. It isn’t like I intentionally try and sound like I just escaped from a mental ward somewhere, but it seems that’s how some people look at me.
     As TAT (the Aussie Tart) so succinctly put it: I’m kitchen while she’s management. I guess that is a fairly good description. She stays all calm and cool when shit goes down and says things way more properly than I do. She doesn’t even raise her voice or cuss none. Me, I just tell them how it is before I tell them to go fuck themselves. If I’m trying to be real polite I’ll just say “Fuckest Thou!” Yeah, that’s about as proper as I get for the most part.
     Now it isn’t like I can’t be management, but it also means that I have to really think about it and hell-fire, that’s just too much work and it might give me a headache. I am Southern after all and I was raised with manners. I can do it, but at my age and having spent most of my career in a hot ass kitchen, yelling, because it’s really loud, and cussing every other word is the norm, it’s really hard to revert to being a sweet Southern Gentleman. Besides, I really don’t give two shits to be honest.

     Was there a point? Um…
     Not sure if there was or not. I’m just gonna move right along because that’s what I’m the mood to do.
     Oh! I have a new love interest. Well, kinda-sorta, but not really. Maybe I’m just a huge fan of Trae Crowder. I’ve shared a few of his video blog posts on FB. The man just cracks me up and if he weren’t straight, married and with two kids, I’d so make a play for him. He’s got really cool eyebrows too! Yeah, he’s my kind of guy. He speaks my language which is hillbilly slang. He makes so many good points about life and just stuff in general. He really does make me proud to say I’m from East Tennessee. I’ve provided a link for y’all to check him out. He’s also on tour. Yeah, I’m so going to make a point of trying to see him live and in person.
And yes, he is wearing a Tennessee Vols shirt. :D
    Check him out... he's hysterical. You can get to know him here.
     Alright… I was mean…
     Yeah, I came down pretty hard on some of the Aussies last week. It wasn’t like the government didn’t deserve it and more. I just saw something about Nauru. Yeah, they need a good Southern Red-Neck ass whoopin’ over that one. Just goes to prove my point though… we all need to keep an eye open. We can make a difference, even if it is just one kid, one person at a time. Yep, we can, I swear we can. So go and do something, no matter how small for someone. Get ya some Karma Coins in the bank.      Have a grrreat week, y’all.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Oh the shame...

     So… I ain’t dead. That’s the big news. Woo-Hoo! Yes, I’ve been a little under the weather, which is a major understatement. I’m really not one to whine or whinge when I’m sick. Okay, I really was sick as a dog, so I think I deserve a little whine with some cheese. Yeah, pneumonia isn’t something to take lightly or play around with. It’s taken three rounds of antibiotics to get my big ass on the road to recovery, but finally, I don’t feel like I might hack up a lung at any moment. Anywho… I’m back, like it or not.
Aboriginal art is really unique. This particular artist is pretty cool. 
    You know that ol’ sayin’ about only the good die young? Yeah… well that sure as hell hasn’t happened. Please, God, Buddha, Allah or whomever is on duty today, please, please, please don’t let me be the leering old fag in a motorized wheelie-thingy chasing young men down the sidewalk. Pleeeaaasseee!
     Alrighty then, moving right along…
     As many of you know, I’ve been in Australia for quite some time. I must say I have enjoyed my time here. I’ve seen and experienced many wonderful things. There is a lot here that I have to give the Aussie’s credit for. They’ve really got one of the best medical systems that I’ve ever encountered. I may have to do a blog on just that, but it isn’t all rainbows and glitter here. Yep, if you look hard enough and long enough, you’ll see that they also have a darker side. I guess no place is perfect.
     Warning, a bit of a rant about to happen…
     While driving somewhere, I noticed that there were a lot of Salvation Army stores here. They actually call them Salvos. (I swear the Aussie’s will nickname or abbreviate just about anything.) Now, having had past experiences with the big red shield people, I had to ask if they were as rotten to the core here as they were in the States. “Oh no, they do really good work here.” I was told.
     Granted, the Salvation Army in the States do some really good work too… as long as you go along with everything that they believe and are willing to sit and listen to them preach at you.
     If you know me at all, you’ll know that I do love my research and so I set off to find out, and of course, there it was. Yep… same ol’ shit, just another continent. Oops, there I go again calling a spade a spade.
     While I was at it, I thought I’d check out how they dealt with homeless LGBT youth here. I was really glad to find out that there is help out there for kids. I found an article about how a 16 year old boy was tossed out on his ass because his folks found out he was gay. Oh, and guess what? They were religious nut-jobs. Imagine that! So sure, a young man, who is now homeless, is going to go seeking help from a religious organization, which has in the past said that all gay people should be put to death. That is how the think, although they have been raked over the coals for it in recent years. Yeah, I know they’d be the first organization I’d go to for help. NOT.
     What else did I find? Well, in New South Wales, almost 90% of all government funding to help the homeless goes to four faith-based organizations. How ‘bout them apples? Anyone seeing a pattern here besides me?
     Oh, I’m not done yet…
     Today, a report was released relating to South Australia Child and Protection services. Oh hell, it is as bad as I’ve ever heard. It was far reaching and it only took two years to complete. Talk about egg on your face. Shit, they have egg all over their damn bodies. It was shameful. Wide spread child abuse that resulted in the death of a few kids. Yes, you read that correctly, death.
     And yet it gets better still…
     In the Northern Territory they have detention centers, most of which house indigenous kids. This one made me cry. These kids have been so abused, neglected, locked away and forgotten. There is this one boy who has been there for seven years! They don’t go to school, they don’t leave the building, and there is no rehabilitation if they need it. Nothing. To me, they are treated no better than dogs. Tossed into a cell, given food and water just as if they were in a kennel.
     Everything I’ve said can be verified with very little effort. So yes, as wonderful as I think the Land of Oz is, they have some major problems just like the States. However, I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite as horrendous as what happened in the Northern Territory here back in the States.
     Children did not ask to come into this world. They didn’t have a choice in the matter. I don’t care if they are white, black, pink or purple with yellow polka dots. They are just innocents, dropped onto this big spinning ball with no way to protect themselves. They rely totally on adults to do the right thing. The RIGHT THING.
     Yes, I just came down pretty heavy on the Australian government, but I’ve been just as hard on my own government. I’d come down hard on anyone who is responsible for taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves, and don’t even get me started on the abuse that is heaped upon the forgotten elderly who can no longer take care of themselves!

    Plan of action…
     Each and every one of us can make a difference. We need to hold those in charge accountable for their actions, or lack thereof. We need to pay attention and look for the signs of abuse of authority.
    I plan to redouble my efforts of getting more involved. I don’t have a lot of money, but I do try and do my little bit financially each month. I’m going to get up off my big butt and volunteer some of my time. I’m not sure what I’ll be allowed to do, but I’m going to put forth the effort and do something.

     Pay it back. Pay it forward. However you want to look at it, just do something, no matter where you live. Most of all, keep your eyes open and do what you think is best, I know I will.
     There, you have now been challenged. I know you can do it. If I can do some simple research and find a way to help, I know you can too. Get ready to receive those Karma Coins y’all!

     Sorry this was a bit of a rant, but… well I just can’t help myself sometimes. Hope everyone has a good week. And thank you all for the get well wishes and messages, which I’m still trying to respond to.
     Have a grrreat week, y’all.

Just because... LOL