Sunday, August 16, 2015

Up-Down Up-Down

     Sooo… I actually had a rough idea of what I was going to write about today, which is unusual. Most of the time I have no clue and I just sit down and hold my breath, waiting to see what might fly out of my… fingers.

     There was a blog post on Lovebytes this week that caught my attention. First off it was by SJD Peterson (Jo), who I adore. Not only in person, but her books are really hot, which means good. Yeah, ohhh so good. If you’ve not read any of her stuff… well treat yourself.
      (This is still one of my all-time favorite reads of Jo's. Here’s a link in case you want to check it out.) 

     Anyway, this blog post… 'Writing Full Time Can Be a Killer, Literally', struck a chord with me. Since I retired from cooking, I’ve gained all kinds of weight. Most of this is because I’ve become so inactive. In my own defense, it is hard to exercise when it is painful. The feet are not getting any better, but seem to be getting worse. 

     Basically what she is suggesting is that you work for 30-45 minutes, while sitting, and then get up and get some other things done that require some kind of physical activity. You know, little things like suck the floor, or as some would say, vacuum, or cleaning the bathroom, doing dishes, things like that. When I break it up like that, it isn’t so bad. Okay, I got the stuff out to dust, looked around and said fuck it. I really hate dusting.

     Of course my doctor is saying that I need to lose weight, get more exercise, stop smoking, eat better..yada, yada, yada. Damn, I’m a middle-aged man, give me a break. Okay, there are some things that are valid, but come on… how much does he expect from me?
     Back to Jo’s post… Since I read this I’ve tried to do what she’s suggested. I’m not sure if it is working or not, but I have noticed that my shoulders aren’t as stiff. This may work for me. I’m going to give it a try and see what happens, although, I really do hate doing housework. It didn’t use to bother me, but now… I just hate it.

     Milk, it does a body good. Yeah, well it might if I didn’t drink it a gallon at a time. I just refuse to do skim milk. It’s like trying to drink milk flavored water if you ask me. I have gone to two percent over the last decade or so, but it still has fat calories, which I really could do without. If I can make a gallon last four days, I’m doing good.

     If I’m feeling down, I can easily drink an entire gallon in one day. You know I’m a bit depressed if I take a bag of Dorito’s and a gallon of milk into my bedroom. Oh yeah, it isn’t pretty. And yes, I will eat the entire bag and drink the whole gallon of milk in one sitting.
     Well, now my friend Lauren has confessed that she is now drinking more milk since her visit here. She’s better at not drinking as much, but she does insist on putting chocolate in it. That just makes it sooo much healthier. I think everyone should drink milk.

     Earlier this week I did post on Facebook saying how much I needed a personal assistant. Today, I’ve decided that was probably the best idea I’d had in a long time. I’m so bad with computers and technology and I really am so behind on what I need to be doing in that regard. The real problem there, is it takes me forever to do anything because I just don’t know how.

     I swear I’d be writing a lot more if I didn’t have all this other stuff to do. Such is the life of an Indie author. To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way… the Indie author stuff that is. The computer tasks, yeah, I need help. I’m not good at it. It frustrates the fuck out of me and I really don’t like doing it. Just trying to keep track of what I’ve got is enough to push me over the edge. Add all the other stuff that needs to happen… yeah, I’d end up in a padded room somewhere.
     So, if anyone sees a cute man, with outstanding computer skills, easy to get along with, not a picky eater, and needs a job that doesn’t pay anything, send him my way. I’ll be more than happy to let him live here and feed him. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

     On a side note: I’ve managed to go three whole days without putting a single stitch of clothing on! Just thought I’d share that. And no, there aren't any pictures!

     Over the last week I’ve seen some really amazing stories online. There was the one about the little boy, who has lost both of his parents, and has decided to go out and give little toys to people who aren’t smiling. What a great idea! He goes out of his way to cheer people up. I love that.
     Then the waitress who paid for two firefighter’s breakfast because they’d been on a particularly bad fire and had worked for twelve hours. What a great gesture. That small act of kindness came back and boy, did it come back with interest. She’d been trying to raise money to purchase a vehicle for her quadriplegic father. Long story short, they found out about it and gave her hand in getting the word out. She ended up getting enough to get three vehicles if she’d wanted to. Instead she was able to build a better ramp into the house for her father’s wheelchair and take care of a few other things.
     Remember me talking about banking those good Karma Coins… well there the perfect example of what I was talking about, giving because you want to and see a need. Not to get something in return, but just to give of yourself. That’s when it means the most. The Cosmos knows all.

     Did you know that some people actually wear underwear? That they actually want to wear them? As confusing as I think that is, I went ahead and got some from the Lost-n-Found wish list this month. Personally, if I were going to want to, or have to, wear underwear I’d prefer something a little nicer looking than those Fruit of the Looms they asked for. I think something more along the lines of Andrew Christian or at least Calvin Kline.

     Oh well, it was what was on the list, so that is what they got. I’m wondering if I should write a letter to Andrew Christian asking if they had something that might not be selling so well or going out of stock or something. As I always say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
     Okay, that’s it for me this week. Go forth and do something good for someone else and have fun.
     See y’all next week,


  1. Love that you're a poster boy for milk! We need a pic of you & your milk 'tache! Had me chuckling all the way thru this post ... hate dusting too ... so allergic to dust ... red swollen eyes, sneezing, chest congestion. Yep ... allergy testing = main allergy ... dust! So catch 22 ... dust & die or not dust & get covered up & die? I need a man to come in and dust for me ... so if your new helper doesn't work out ... send him my way! Have a Great week! Love from Alaska

  2. I really do enjoy your Sunday posts. I admire that you aren't afraid to say what you like or show what you like (those pics are a highlight to my Sundays). Please don't stop posting. And yeah housework sucks yuh

  3. Oh Max. You always make me smile. I can see you naked, your dick cleverly hidden behind a pile of books. You have milk in your mustache and are holding a gallon jug of it. Cigar in the corner of your mouth. Caption: GET Milk!