Sunday, August 2, 2015

Yeah, I went there...

     So… it’s been a few weeks since I’ve actually done a blog post. The week before Rainbow Con I just didn’t have the time, then I was at Rainbow Con and didn’t have the time. Last week I just didn’t have it in me…I kept drawing a blank. This week, well… who the hell knows? I’m just going to ramble on here a bit and see what happens. This could be scary.
Yeah, scary. :D

     First off… I have to admit, I have no shame. That and I really don’t have much of a brain-filter. Sadly, it gets me in trouble sometimes. Oh well. Ooops.

     What brought this on? Well, I was on FB and read a post about someone who put up with some preacher telling her how she was going to hell for supporting gay marriage. She’d finally had enough and told him where to stick his bible, after a few other choice words. She was better than me. I doubt I would have stood there for five minutes and listened to his drivel.

     However, it did remind me once of some cute little Mormon boys who were trying to lure me into their web. I finally just came out and asked them if they would care for a blowjob. One was really cute and the other wasn’t exactly ugly. After they finally picked their mouths up off the floor, they ran off that porch so fast it was like watching a road-runner cartoon.

     One Saturday, years ago, I had the rare Saturday off. The Jehovah Witnesses were out in the neighborhood, doing their trolling thing. I saw them coming and just rolled my eyes and waited for the doorbell to ring and ring it did. I answered the door, dogs barking behind me. I didn’t even get ‘hello’ out of my mouth before they were hurrying down the sidewalk. Seems I may have forgotten to put pants on. Ooops.

     Speaking of which… I used to be really bad about forgetting about clothes while at home. One of the joys of living alone I say. But I have gotten better over the last few months. I really have. Not once have I gone to the door without something on. Okay, there was that one time when I almost did, but then I actually did remember. I saw it was just some odd salesmen and said fuck it and didn’t answer. No, I didn’t go rushing to find shorts to put on. If it was important, they’d have come back. Instead, they just left a door hanger inviting me to church. Yeah, well they can hold their breath on that one.

     And yes, I did seduce a Catholic Priest once. Wasn’t hard to do either, I might add. Poor thing popped off in less than two minutes. Who knows when the last time he’d gotten off. Damn, he was good looking too!

     I saw something online not too long ago. At first it really creeped me out, but then my curiosity got the best of me, and I had to go and do a bit of research. It was a bit weird, but then I started to like the idea more and more. Has anyone heard of Sinthetics? Oh boy, you gotta check this out.

     Yep, it really was-is… different. It got me to thinking… (Yeah, I know, so dangerous for me…) You could dress him up and have him sitting around. I guess you could talk to him. But then, just think of him sitting there naked or in underwear and someone happens to stop by. Oh, hell yeah, I could have so much fun with that.

     I don’t think I’d be able to have sex with him, that would be just too weird, but damn, he could be entertaining. I wonder if I could persuade Gio Dell, or Armando Santos to model for one. Hmmm… ya never know. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Of course, I don’t see myself spending that kind of money on something like this. I still think it would be fun.

     What else…

     Oh, you can thank Rain Carrington for this one…

     I’m glad to know I’m not the only twisted perv out there. So I look at this and the cook in me jumps out. Damn, the vitamin C and Zinc are off the charts here. So next time you catch a cold, remember this. I do need to ask… seventy ejaculates? Damn, that’s a whole lotta spunk!

     I may have mentioned this a time or fifty, but I’d really like to one day get these books, if nothing else other than to add to my collection. Can you imagine the look on someone’s face if they started looking through your cookbooks and see this? OMG, I can just imagine the expression when you ask if they want a pre-dinner cocktail. BWAHAHAHA!

     What’s new on the writing front? Well I just finished up a story that I’m rather proud of. I really liked writing it. This one is for charity, so I hope you guys will support it. I did it with several other amazing authors so I am sure there will be some great reads here. I think most of them are novellas, so lots of entertainment value. I’ll keep you posted when it comes out. Of course, A.J. Corza did an amazing job, as always, on the cover.

     On a more serious note… There is one of my favorite authors out there who has been having a very difficult time of late. After seeing her at Rainbow Con, I haven’t been able to get her off my mind. Yeah, I’ve been worried a bit, but I’ve not been able to figure out what, if anything, I could do for her. Well, low and behold, a dedicated reader paid her a surprise visit. I know that it must have made her week. What a great guy. He really racked up some Karma Coins for this one. There is no greater gift than to give of yourself.

     I guess that’s about all I got for now. Go forth, do good, live life, be happy and don’t forget to do something good for someone else. It does come back to you.

     Have a grrreat week, y’all,

I just love this photo!


  1. Thanks for the great funny article. I want one of those men dolls.

  2. I have a friend that keeps a robe hanging on the coat rack next to his front door so he doesn't have to search for something to wear. ;)

  3. I would love one of those synthetic guys too, not for sex, hell I think I've forgotton what to do with a guy, but just to have sitting around, freaking people out. My tailors dummies do a pretty good job already, but they don't have heads, and I can't sit one of those on the couch as if it's visiting. I'd love to sit one in the rocker on my hut porch too, piss of the neighbours! Those recopie books, I looked at in the book store, I'm kinda lacking the key ingredient, but you could make a similar version and have the book open to the recipe page for the guests!