Sunday, September 13, 2015

More Ramblings From a Gay Man...

     Sooo… here I sit, yet again, wondering what the hell is going to come out of my mouth (fingers) this week. Of course I really have no clue. I guess we’ll see how this goes…
     This week has been full of turmoil. Not an easy week, writing wise. I have this one character that I just can’t get in my head. I am hoping that help is on the way. Of course I have to wait until she gets back from the UK Meet and returns to earth. I am hoping things start to come together.
     Speaking of the UK Meet…
     I’ve had friends sending me PM’s, texts, along with photos. Makes me wish I were there, to some degree. There are a lot of people there that I would love to be able to see. Ahhh, but there is the rub, because I do wish I could see them but at the same time, I’m kind of glad I’m not there.
     Here are a few photos from last year. 

Patrick Darcy with his fashion clutch.
Such a nice furry butt.

Ann-Marie holding him for me.
Yep, they just piss right out in the open.

     Some of you who really know me know that I’m really kind of on the shy side. Yeah, I know… you don’t believe me, but it is true. Book Conventions, such as the UK Meet, actually scare the crap out of me. I’ve always been a wallflower for the most part, always on the sidelines, watching.
     First off, I really dislike crowds. I think the main reasons for that is that I’m not all that tall and I hate getting stepped on. I don’t like feeling trapped and then I never know what to say and inevitably stick my foot in my mouth. Big surprise there, right? Unfortunately, having spent so much time in a professional kitchen, I have little or no filter and that includes cussing to the point of embarrassing a sailor.
     Oh well, at any rate, I’m missing my friends in the UK this weekend. I especially miss hanging out perving while watching the public urinals. Thanks for the photos Ann-Marie.
     What else…
     It is now football time. Yay! Well, kind of yay. While I’m enjoying it, I am still longing for the Aussie Football. I have to admit, I am really hooked on that game. I am still learning the finer points, but it is such an exciting game. Of course it doesn’t hurt that their players wear much nicer uniforms. Yeah, short-shorts and tank-tops works for me.
     While I do like the tight pants our American players wear, it isn’t quite as nice as seeing naked hairy legs. I think what impresses me most is that the Aussie players just don’t stop. They don’t stop for downs, and get long breaks. Just amazes me at how well conditioned they are. I’ve always wondered what happens with some of these guys have to pee though. Ever wondered about that?

I guess that answers that question.
     Earlier this week I had tried to learn something new on this box called a computer. I read the instructions, all the steps I was to follow and…nothing. I did it again with the same result. I don’t know what I did wrong, but after the second time I gave up. I know myself well enough to not try and go any further. I would only become more frustrated and then pissed off and then… well we aren’t going to go there.
     Needless to say, I didn’t get the damn thing working. I really could use some help with this computer stuff. I’m so bad at it and I have little to no patience for it. The worst part of all that is; it takes me so long to get anything done. By the time I figure it all out, half the day is gone and then I’m crabby because that’s all I’ve gotten done. Grrrr… not good. A crabby Max is just not pretty.
     I would like to say thank you to all the people who had suggestions for my Toys for Tots purchases this year. I have a pretty good idea now what I’m going to get. I’ll probably do that in the next few weeks when I get up the nerve to venture out to do a bit of shopping. Yeah, I hate shopping too. Of course, if I go to Target, as I usually do for such things, I run the danger of getting Tim Tams. Bad... bad… I’m still trying to lose weight and that would be… just bad.
     I’ve been keeping an eye on the wish list for Lost–n-Found. So far nothing that screams xmas at me. I’m hoping that they will start that soon so I can plan my course of action. I’m thinking of perhaps running a contest to generate some attention to their list this year. Still thinking on that. If anyone has any suggestions for that, please let me know.
     I guess that is about all I have this week. Go forth and rack up some good Karma Coins this week by doing something nice for someone.
     Be kind and have a grrreat week, y’all.

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