Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ramble. Ramble.Ramble.

     Here I sit, wondering what I'm going to say for today’s blog. I guess I'm going to have to just ramble on here, because I haven't an idea. Hold on, you'll never know what might just fly out of my mouth, since I've long since lost any and all internal filters it seems.

     Oh, here’s one thing. As some of you may, or may not know, I've been going to this little place close to home, Pieces Rising, for happy hour on Friday’s. It the one thing I try to do each week. Okay, the food there is fantastic, so it’s not hard to get me to go.

     You may find it amusing as to why it is I go each week. It is actually the only thing that puts me in a social situation on any regular basis and gets me out of the house. Otherwise, I might never leave. I'd be okay with that, but I do understand that I need to try and at least make an effort to meet people around here. At least that is what I've been told, so I try and do it, mostly to keep some people quiet.

     So… where was I? Oh, happy hour. Yeah, this past week I met this couple who had recently moved to the area. They were a newly retired couple from Pennsylvania. Nice guys. They met in Japan. They met in Japan in 1968! Yep. You heard me.

     Two former Air Force guys, during Viet Nam were sitting there, casually chatting away having been together since 1968. Now some of you might not have been in awe of that simple fact, but I was. I really, really was. I was more so than I might normally have been.

     Why, you may ask. Well, I'm gonna tell ya. The week before I meet another couple who have been together since 1969! There were there also this past Friday. I actually had dinner with them after happy hour this week. I'll go more into that in just a moment. So, yeah… I have met two couples, gay couples, to be clear, that have been together since the late ‘60’s. I found that pretty amazing, to be honest. I mean really, how many marriages do you know that have lasted that long.

     I'm really not a preachy type person. I really do try to stay away from politics, for the most part, and religion by all means. Those are two subjects that can only end in me getting into trouble. I'm not sure how or why it happens, but trouble does seem to come and fall right into my lap.

     I've touched briefly on gay marriage here only once. I still am holding out for Gay Divorce Court. You just know it is going to be a scream. The reason I'm bringing it up again is simply because of how proud I felt for some odd reason. Don't ask me why I felt that way, but I did.

     I think the whole thing goes back to that whack-job Pam what-ever-her-name-is, here in Florida, who was opposing gay marriage. I think she was the state’s Attorney General or something. She was really fighting it. If she thought it would somehow affect her third marriage, I think she may have been overreaching just a bit. Your thoughts on that? I mean, how can someone else’s marriage can, threaten your third one. I think if you're on the third one, the proof of blame kinda falls on your own shoulders, don’t you think?

     Anyway, I thought that was kinda fun. I really enjoyed talking to the two gentlemen and look forward to seeing them again. I’m thinking there may actually be a story there.

     Now… for dinner with the other couple. They are a lot of fun and I hope that we can become friends. One is a playwright and is currently working on getting one of his works done here locally. I have no idea what it is about. I didn't ask because I figure he'd have told me if he wanted me to know. I do understand that some theatre people are a little suspicious about such things. I'm thinking he'll give me the details at a later time.

     What I found so amusing was what he said when I had told him that the other two guys had been together since 1968. “They beat us by one year. That’s alright. I can always remember ’69. It’s a much easier number to remember, you know.” I could only laugh and agree.

     I’m going to finish this thing up here shortly. I still have things to shove into a suitcase to get ready to go. A close friend called me a jet-setter. I was a little stunned because for some odd reason, I kind of feel that way lately. Going to Australia and now New York City.

     Yep, I'm going to New York. This will be my first trip there since 9/11. That event affected me deeply and I wasn't sure how I would react to being there. I mean, I like many others, used the Twin Towers to navigate through Manhattan. It is going to be weird not seeing them, but at the same time, I think I'm ready. I guess we'll see. I've still not decided whether or not to visit ground zero.

     Why am I going to NYC? I’m going to go and meet up with the bestie, K.C. Wells, a.k.a., the little English Washer woman. We have an apartment up there. I sure hope there isn't a washer and dryer. You know what will happen if there is.

     We are going to be working together on a little project. I plan to tie her to a table until it is finished. So if you hear some kind of squalling with an English accent, it’s her. Please leave her alone, she’s fine. I won’t hurt her…too much. I'll make sure she has her tea and biscuits. Yeah, tea and cookies. If you're in the US their cookies, damn it!

     Of course I will be seeing my good friend, Mo-mo. She’s always good for a laugh or a thousand. She’s taking me to stripper bars! YAY! Finally. It’s been way too long since I've seen some pretty dancing boys. Look out New York. I’ve got real honest to god stripper money! Woo-Hoo!

     I am also going to meet, for the first time, two people who were instrumental in me writing. One is the lady who ran a writers group who pushed me until I cried. She always encouraged me, pushed me and made me better. Talk about making your writing tighter, she made sure of it. Do you know how hard it is to write a complete story in only a thousand words? Yeah, every word counts.

     The other lady is the woman who published my first story and actually paid me! I made a whole twenty-five dollars! Hey, I never thought anyone would pay to read my crap, so I was thrilled. It is because of her that Cooking English, The Black and Blue Ball, Commander, Geek and Hot Peppers ever saw the light of day. I liked her so much I put her in a book. Yeah, she is in The V Unit. The sexy Fidencia Santos.

     Just as a side note: Yes, I will put people in books and yes I often kill them or torture them. Such as pushing them in front of trains, making them eat foods they hate, yeah, I have absolutely no issue with that. Oh, and those are the people I like!

     Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to this little trip. Of course I get to see the bestie, but also many other fabulous people who have kicked my ass along the way. I’m sure that next week’s blog will be a lot about what I've gotten into while there.

     Meanwhile, go forth, do good for others, kick ass and then repeat.

     Have a grrreat day, y'all.


    p.s. Don't forget that this is national masturbation month! Go have some clean dirty fun.

I just love this photo. 

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  1. love the post as Always max
    even when you ramble you make sense and have something to say hugs Dani