Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yep, I'm still in Florida!

     Howdy from sunny Florida…again. Let me first tell you, it is fucking hotter than hell
This is the road that runs along the
back where I will be living.
here. Yesterday as twelve noon the heat index was 102! As K.c. Wells said, “Bloody Hell!”. My sentiments exactly, Ms. Wells. 

     I am sorry to report that I’ve not done a lick of writing at all this week. I’ve been too busy playing field hand to do anything else. What you may ask? Well, let me tell you what I’ve done this week: I’ve bush-hogged about 10 acres, loaded, then unloaded and then stacked 160 bales of hay. Fed five horses and a mule twice a day and doctored one every day, fed those nasty-ass chickens.
This is Commander, whom I've already
written a story about for Ravenous Romance.
Yep, the plot stallions are running here.
Mucked out stalls and re-hung two gates. To finish off my week, today I get to power wash the inside of the barn! Woo-Hoo, lucky me. UGH, I’m fucking tired and the day here hasn’t even really started yet. 

     Why am I even telling you this? Well, this is all fodder for upcoming writings perhaps. The plot stallions continue to roll through my head. No if I live to get it written, that remains to be seen! 

     Good thing is that I will be heading back to Atlanta on the 16th so that I can be ready for the best-selling author K.c. Wells, who will be visiting from the UK. YAY!
Yep, this is the barn that is getting a power-wash today!
Yippee! UGH.
I’m so excited to see my friend. I will, however, miss Florida and can’t wait to get moved down here. It is such a relaxed and laid back place compared to the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. I really never realized how tense I was while there. Amazing. 

     I am hoping that I will be able to get back to my football story by the first of the
I'm ready for some football!
week when I plan on having a little more spare time to write. 

     So until next week folks, 

     Max ;-)


  1. Oh, Max, and it isn't even hot yet. Wait until the end of Aug, when even the Gulf is too hot to swim in! Have a good trip and safe move.

    Hugs from Plant City

  2. Gee thanks Stephen for such a dour outlook. UGH. ;-)