Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig!

     Good day everyone. Welcome to a little piece of my world. Sorry I didn't get
Why is it I never see hitchhikers like this?
anything posted yesterday, but I was wiped out from my drive back to Atlanta from Florida. I must say I had some seriously mixed feelings about coming back ‘home’. I really don’t feel that Atlanta is home for me. Not sure it ever was. Oh well…anyway, I can’t wait to move to Florida and make that my permanent residence! 

      Before I go on with some fabulous news, (YIPPEE!!!) I need to take a moment to welcome all Goodreads friends, members and readers. Why? Well this week I got a nasty-gram from Goodreads informing me that they have blocked the link. 

      “we've (they/GR) removed your external blog feed from your author page”. 

      In short, Goodreads member will not be allowed to access my blog from the Goodreads site because last week…gasp…I featured a photo of a MAN’s naked backside! 

      “We're contacting you because some of your recent blog posts were flagged by Goodreads members.” 

      So in other words, a few people/members from GR didn't like the view of an adult man’s furry butt and decided that it shouldn't be connected to GR in anyway. So be it. Rarely, if ever do I post photos of naked men on here. Suggestive, yes, but almost never nude. I've always thought that the mystery was sometimes sexier. But because of a few haters, of which there are many on GR, they have made it even more difficult for GR readers to access my little blog site, that with time I’m sure, would corrupt the moral fiber of the world. Yeah, I have THAT much power. 

      Now I guess I could go and grovel to GR and say how sorry I am and that it will never happen again, but guess what? Nope, not gonna do it. I will not censor myself or my little blog posts just to conform to GR and their merry little band of hate-mongers. So to them I say…. 

                          Here, have some dick! 

      There are some really nice, personable, polite, intelligent readers on GR and it really is sad that a few can ruin the fun of the many. It is just a sad state of affairs. I always believed that if you saw something offensive the best way to deal with it was not to look at it. Kinda simple really, if you ask me. Oh well, it is what it is. Moving on… 

      Now onto the wonderful news I got yesterday! 

      Hawk ‘n’ Harley was voted Book of the Month on Sid Love’s review site. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that. Who would have ever guessed that my little short story would have had such an impact? I loved the story and enjoyed the hell out of writing it, but to be quite honest, I never really thought it would go anywhere. It was K.c. Wells who pushed me into self-publishing it. I can’t thank her enough for her help and getting it done. And a huge thank you to everyone who read it and voted!

     I've been working on a few things lately, but because of the hectic schedule I was dealing with while in Florida, I just haven’t had time to sit and focus. Now that I am home, in my own space I hope to get some more work done. However, I did manage to get all the edits from MLR done on P.O.W. I even got to see a few mock-ups of possible covers. To say I’m excited is such a major understatement. Knowing that it is more than likely going to be released in my hometown during GayRom Lit blows my mind! 

      Kris Jacen asked me to think about a single, one time gift to give out during the Man Love Romance party at GRL. I really haven’t got a clue as to what would be a good gift. At first I thought of an apron with the Marine Insignia on it since P.O.W. is about  Marines and I am a retired chef, but somehow it feels a little lame. Can some of you give me some ideas? What would be a really fun and appropriate give-away at GRL? With all the creative minds out there I am sure I will get some decent ideas. Please, help a guy out here. 

      Time for me to jump off here and get some things done. K.c. Wells will soon be landing in Atlanta and I can’t wait. She’ll be here for three days and we are going to have a blast! Woo-Hoo!!! 

      Till next week folks! 

      Max ;-)


  1. great to see the blog Max
    i am so sorry to hear about the GR but well lets face it some wierd people around there unfortunatly
    Congrats on the winning of author of the month
    You deserve it
    does that mean we get to have a full novel of those guys one day ;)
    hugs Dani

    1. Maybe one day Dani! Hawk 'n' Harley are quite the couple. ;-)

  2. Aw, Sorry about GR... yeah... there are some real nasty bastards on there. Ugh.. I remember the days when GR was cool.. now that it's partnered with stupid amazon it sucks. :/

    But anyways, congrats on self publishing Hawk'n'Harley! I loved the short I got here on your blog! ahah!! So cool.
    Oh, has the story changed much?

    (pfft, but hell, who am I kidding? I'll get it again anyways. :P LOL)

    1. Thank you Loveless. I had a blast with Hawk 'n' Harley. As for the haters on GR, pfft, who cares. Quite honestly, ain't to hair off my butt! ;-)

      Glad you liked my story. There is more to come!

  3. Hi Max:
    I actually clicked the blog link on GR and ended up here. I realized I didn't post a comment on your story "Anything for you, Sir". Wonderful story. Thanks for writing it ....and you could write a series (hint hint).
    Wow..You were a chef(or THE chef) at the Regency??? I remember when it opened. My dad was the chief heating and air conditioning guy when it opened. Way before your time,I'm sure.Used to work next door when IRS was on the corner and ate lunch there when I wanted something good. and yes, I live in Atl. all my life. Why would you want to leave? lol.Guess FL does have it's attractions. I haven't read Hawk n Harley..but I will now. Congrats on the win on SL's site. Keep writing, you're very good!

    1. Hi Kaymon72,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      When I worked at the Hyatt in Knoxville, Tennessee until it was bought out by Marriott. It went to total shit in six weeks time. I was one of the last of the kitchen staff to leave. That is when I went to work at a country club there, which closed a year later. It was then I moved back to Atlanta and then worked at the Piedmont Driving Club.

      I'm tired of Atlanta's traffic and the every rising cost of living here. Being retired doesn't help matters any.

      Let me know how you like Hawk 'n' Harley. If you like that, then try Sasquatch. You will recognize a lot in that one. (hint, hint)

      Thanks again. Glad you liked Anything For You Sir.

      Max ;-)