Saturday, August 31, 2013

What Are Plot Stallions You Ask?

     Happy Saturday everyone! I hope that you had a great week. ;-)

     I was in a bit of a quandary as to what I’d be blogging about this week when a reader from FB asked me about my writing process after I said something about my characters hijacking a story. I actually had to think about it for a few minutes, because I really didn't know how to answer that question. So I thought I’d let you guys know just how my scrambled mind works while writing, or try to at least. 

     Now I know a lot of other writers talk about plot bunnies. How sweet. I don’t do bunnies, sorry, so I call mine Plot Stallions, running powerfully through my head like a runaway stampede. My style is anything but sweet. Furry? Yes, but I don’t see it as sweet perse. 

      How I come up with a plot-line comes from all different kinds of places. P.O.W. was from a snippet I saw on the news. Hawk ‘n’ Harley came from a blond guy riding a
Harley Davidson down the street. Sasquatch was a fond memory from my misspent youth, brought on by a yellow and white Ford truck that I saw in a parking lot, so a lot of different sources. 

      The characters are usually from a combination of people I've known at some point during my life. Sometimes a character will develop a personality and an agenda of their own. When this happens, which is often, they take over the story. Whatever outline I may have had goes right out the window. At that point it is their story and they are going to tell it their way. This is exactly has happened to the work in progress (WIP) I am currently working on. 

     I swore that I would have this book done before the first kick-off of the college season. Yeah, well, that didn't happen. The story got hijacked. Took on a life of its own and the characters just went nuts. Just as I was about to wrap the story up, put a nice happy ever after ending on it, they decided to run off and fuck all night. Twenty-something year old's can do that, and they do! Sheesh. Now the ending is out the window and they have changed everything. All I can do now is hold on and go with it. 

     I only sit here, stare out the window as they force me to type out their story. Now I’m at their mercy and the only way to get them to shut the hell up is to just get their story told. So here I sit waiting for them to get their shit together so I can move on. It will get done, I promise, but I now have no idea of how this is going to end now. 

      On another note, something else I was asked that had to do with the “edginess” of my stories. For this I’m going to talk about a recent review for Sasquatch. There were two reviews from some gay men. (Thank you Lucas and Wulf. You have no idea how important your reviews were to me.) Now let me tell you, getting a good review from a gay man is highly important in this genre. They live it. They know how it is. They know when a sex scene is realistic or not, so yeah, those reviews are important. At least they are to me! 

    We men tend to be very visual animals, so yeah, we want to like what we see. Yes, I said animals. Most men I know, myself included, seem to have heightened sense of smell during sex. The pheromones go crazy and we sniff and snort like dogs. Damn, I love that. Sex is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be down and dirty. No matter how much you ‘make love’, in the end, it is heart-pounding, sweaty and physical. If it isn't  then he ain't doing it right. 

     One female reader said that some of the sexual practices in Sasquatch “squicked” her out a little. Hell, I had to go look up the word! LOL For those of you who don’t know what it means, basically it means grossed out. This reader was referring to feltching and snowballing… I think. If you don’t know what those practices are, then go look it up. There are plenty of websites out there with visual examples, if you know what I mean. But, this is the real deal folks. It is a particular fetish that isn't for everyone, but we men are nasty creatures and…well…it is what it is. And yes, it is real. And yep, I have fun with it...all in my head of course!  

     Trust me, gay or straight, I don’t know of a man alive that has not been curious

enough to taste their own spunk. It’s just the way most of us are made.
creatures/animals. Just like I know that most men will scratch their own balls and then sniff their fingers. Yeah, men are pretty much pigs and…well, y’all will just have to learn to live with it. It hasn't changed in eons and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. So in my writing, I try and tell it like it is. Yeah, it can be in your face, gritty and sometimes a little over the top, but hey, its fun! 

     Why am I telling you guys this? This is how I write. This is how I've lived. Full out, full steam ahead. My sex scenes are not going to be for everyone and that is okay. As someone recently said to me, “There are times when you want something sweet and there will be times when you want something salty.” I try to do a balance. I want to have a good story line and not just sex scenes for the sake of having a steamy hot sex scene. There has to be more to it than that. Like in real life, if there aren't any feelings behind it, it can just kinda falls flat. Yeah, sport fucking is fun or was, but when it involves the heart and the brain, it is soooo much better.

     So there you have it. The scrambled brain that clanks around in my head. Now you might be able to better understand some of these whacked out stories I write. Have a great Labor Day weekend for those here in the States and a wonderful week. 

     Till next time, 

     Max ;-)

p.s. Not being restricted by Goodreads on what photos I can post has really been like a breath of fresh air. Enjoy!


  1. Honey, it was their story from the minute you first thought of it. They just chose you to help them tell it! I love your sweaty, smelly, messy and sometimes slightly kinky style. It takes a lot to get this old engine running, but your sex scenes are a guaranteed turn-on!

    1. Thank you Tina. I'm glad it gets the ol' engine a goin'!

      Max ;-)

  2. First: What Tina Marie said.

    Second: If I like the story I don't care how long it gets just go with the flow it will end at sometime.

    I liked all your stories I think I will like next one as well.

    1. Thanks Aafke! The stories to tend to end the way they are supposed to. LOL

      Max ;-)

  3. forget it! people talk so much just to give air to their
    perhaps they have no sense of how make sex!
    Urrà the rough sex!
    Thanks Max