Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sex or chocolate? Why not both?

Last weeks work
     Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone had a great week. Someone asked me on Goodreads what I had done last weekend, so I told them and I then showed them. Now I’m showing you. I went to a very good friend of mine’s son’s wedding. I've known him since he was like nine. I can’t believe he is now twenty-seven and married. This was my wedding present to the happy couple. I thought it turned out well. 
     Originally I was going to give you a little excerpt of the new anthology that I’m in, but was told that the release date has been pushed back a bit, so I guess I’ll wait until I know for sure when it is coming out. As soon as I know, I’ll post a little tid-bit. It is different from what I normally do, so I hope that you guys will like it. Vampires and a little BDSM. 
      As I posted last week, I’m working on a new piece for MLR that is completely food related. Right up my alley right? After having worked in a professional capacity in the food industry for more than thirty years, yeah, I think I got this one. My challenge here is to not do an info dump or talk about things that regular folk would have to look up. I hate it when I am reading and I go ‘huh?’ and run off to look up a word so I know what they’re talking about. 

     I had an idea thumping around in my head as I was making that cake last week, so I decided that my main character would be a pastry chef. I mean who doesn't like chocolate and sex? Winning combination right? Then I had a thought this morning: What if I involved some readers? So this is what I’m gonna do…leave comments about some of your fantasies you have about food and sex. I’ll choose one and work it into the story line somehow. For that lucky person they will receive a free copy of the book? That work? So let me hear from you! What are your sexy fantasy’s that involved food? Chocolate penis anyone?

     Have a great week everyone. Be safe! 
     Max ;-)


  1. A beautiful cake and a veritable army of chocolate penises! Once had to order a zaftig female "torso" cake for a celeb's bachelor party (request: "Large tits"). Rung up The Erotic Bakery to handle that one.

    As for a food fantasy? Hmm. I think I have to go with the tried and true strawberries and whipped cream. So many ways to utilize and tantalize and having some incredibly sexy man "paint" me with whipped cream and then, mmm, mama, lick it off....and of course, a chaser of champagne!

    Good luck with the MLR Foodie book. You'll rock it, of course, Max.