Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

     Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Hope everyone had a great week and has an ever better holiday weekend. 

    I had a fairly rough week personally, but through all the craziness and the support of some good friends, (Thank you Will. Thank you K.C.) I got up, dusted myself off then got to work. 

     Had another cake to do this week, as you can see. I swear I was never a Pastry
Chef. What knowledge I have in that field was learned in culinary school and watching a real Pastry Chef where I once worked. Somehow, I've gotten the reputation being one. Oh well, it is what it is. If there is anyone in the Atlanta area that would like a specialty cake, just let me know. Seems I’m gonna be doing it no matter what. LOL 

     I also got the ‘Author’s Copy’ of the final galley for the Goodreads piece I wrote. After having not looked at it for a week or so, and seeing it in galley format, I have to admit, I’m liking it. Of course there are things that I see that I would like to edit or change, but for the most part, it really is pretty good. 

     I was also turned on to Mr. Theo Fenraven’s blog’s this week. The whole ‘Writers Writing Badly’ was eye opening. I learned a lot. Quite frankly, having that man as an editor would scare the hell outta me, and I do not scare easily. However I do have to admit I would work with him at the drop of a hat. That will be awhile I’m afraid. I’m just too damn poor to hire him. I’d also have to get new batteries for my cattle prod. I’d need that for self-defense. 

     It had been my intention to post a freebie short story this week, but I just wasn't
able to pull it together enough to get one done. Sorry people, I’ll try and do better. Maybe this coming week things will settle down enough to do one. So in lieu of that here is a little eye candy. I have no idea of who this man is, or anything about the photo, but I sure wish I did. Sure would like to wake up curled around this one. Yum! 

     Speaking of yum, what is up with you people? I’ve not received one comment about your sexy food fantasies? What is up with that? Come on, I know there are some pretty twisted people out there. Give it to me. I can take it. Tell me what you’d do in a kitchen with a hot Chef. 

     I’ll look forward to reading them. Till next week…. 

     Max  ;-)


  1. I am so sorry you had a rough week, but glad you are feeling better now. ~snuggles~

    Holy shit! That cake is AMAZING! I bow to your skills! :) food fantasies might be a little much for a public post.

    1. Thank you Jason, I appreciate your comments. You can always send me your food thoughts to me on Goodreads! ;-)

  2. What Jason said. You are a true artist. :)

  3. Hi Max, sorry to hear about your bad week. :( I hope next week is much better.

    The cake looks fabulous.

    Theo's blog is a joy and he's a super chap too. Have you found your way to the Gay Writers and Readers group on Google Groups yet? They are a great bunch too - Dorien Grey, Victor J Banis, Rick Reed, Nick Thiwerspoon amongst many others - very interesting people.

  4. Hey Elin,

    Thanks for stopping by and the compliment. I've not checked out the Gay Writers group. I'll have to do that!


    Max ;-)