Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Land Down Under...

     Note: It was my intention of doing this post Wednesday, on the layover to Sydney, but the internet was for crap and I couldn't really find a place to sit down and finish it. Instead, I went and watched the hot Arab guys at the Emirates airline.

     I've had this thought running through my head over the last few hours so I thought I would go ahead and throw this on out there…

     As most of y'all know, I'm winging my way to Australia. (I sure hope I don’t kill someone on this long-ass, fifteen-hour flight.) But, I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months now. One of the things that has peaked my interest about going to OZ is Aussie Football. No, it isn't rugby, but football.

     There are some things that are similar to US Football, but different enough to make it a bit of a learning curve for me. You see, I love football. Mostly college football. Yes, I’m a huge Tennessee fan; and yes, I do have extra-large orange and white pom-poms on my desk, along with a mini orange and white football, a smoky dog, and yelling football helmet, and a few other things. So yeah, I’m a fan.

     Any US Football fan knows the trouble that the NFL has been having lately. Lawsuits out the butt over injuries, costing them millions. For those of you who are not sports fans, the NFL knew that there were issues with helmets and putting players back into the game when they had concussions. The lawsuits stem from that. It all came out, as it usually does, about what they knew and when they knew it. It is sad that there have been several suicides by players who've had head injuries. It is downright scary to think that some of these talented athletes had no other choice. I can't imagine what they must have been feeling.

     So listen up National Football League, and all other football institutions (NCAA). I have a solution that will perhaps end this problem for you. It has occurred to me that the reason there are so many head injuries is because these guys have been given a false sense of security in wearing helmets. In other words, they are wearing way too much gear.

     Having watched some Aussie Football, okay a lot of AFL football, they don’t go running into each other using their heads. Even if they did, all they’d hit is the body, not some hard-ass plastic. The solution here is either let them play naked or perhaps just a jockstrap. Yep, you heard it here first. Naked NFL/College Football.

     Think of the huge upswing in your fan base. More women would watch, and don’t forget how many more gay men would be foaming at the mouth, just waiting for the game to start. I’m sure that many pizza delivery places would thank you, as well. People wouldn’t want to miss a moment of the action. And OMG, the M/M genre readers would be lapping that stuff up. A big center, bent over, the quarterback playing with his balls while waiting for the football? Oh hell, yeah. They'd be all over that.

     Not only would it help keep players healthy but think of the money you’d save on equipment and uniforms! It would be millions saved. Okay, maybe tank-tops and very short-shorts, gotta have something to sell, right? Still, that would be a huge savings. Naw, go back to just naked. I mean the Romans did it for the Olympics, right?

     So… I’m sitting here in a suburb of Sydney, a light rain falling, and as I look up the hill I’m reminded of the Thornbirds, which I read and then watched so many years ago. It helps that I’m sitting on a veranda of a historic home which is so typical of the architecture here. Yeah, I’m loving it. I can't help but think of how different it is here, although I've seen very little of it as yet. Give me a break, I've only been here a little over twenty-four hours. The big excitement of the day is going to be grocery shopping. YAY!

     Yeah, I know for most of you that isn't all that exciting but being a total foodie, it is for me. I always try and go to a few grocery stores when I'm visiting different places. It is amazing what you can find, or things that are different from what you normally see.

     Like in the UK last year I saw Fairy Soap. I thought that was hysterical. You can learn a lot about cultural differences by food shopping. I loved shopping in Paris last year. I swear I nearly had an orgasm in just about every shop I went into. Anyway, I’ll post more as my trip goes along. Right now, I've talked myself into a fit of hunger.

     Remember, there is someone out there who could use a little helping hand. Reach out and touch someone and make their day a little bit better.

     Later, y'all.


     Oh, and happy Easter, y'all.


  1. Happy easter and have a blast

    hugs Dani

  2. Happy Easter, Max.

    And re: football, try watching some rugby. That's great fun too.