Saturday, April 11, 2015

Howdy From the Land Down Under!

     So… Here I am, sat at a table with Nic Star and my good friend Lauren Marks. Yeah, I know, I’ve been told that I shouldn't start off with ‘So’. Well, bugger off. OMG ARrrrrgggg.

View from Lauren's Kitchen window.
     I’m either sounding English or Aussie now. I blame the little English washer woman, a.k.a. Dub-Dub, a.k.a. the fabulous K.C. Wells for the English influence. Now I have Lauren rubbing off on me with her Aussie crap. She actually had me slip up and call a sweater a jumper the other day, for god’s sake. That’s fine… as soon as I get home I'm going to go to Greg’s Haystax and have a big ol’ plate of country fried steak. So butter my butt and call me a biscuit…before you bite me.

     Okay, now let me try this again… So… I’m in Oz and I've had a great time so far. I think I told you last week that I was looking forward to going to the grocery store. Yeah, I had a great time. Saw things I'd not seen before. Of course I did see things that I had seen before. Seems the American marketing machine is still up and running. Things are a bit different here. I can't believe how much things cost. One thing I loved was going to an actual butcher shop. Do you know how long it has been since I was able to do that? I do have to mention here that the Aussie’s have it all over the Brits as far as meats go. Hell, I have to admit they have it all over the US as well. Rarely do you see a butcher in the States anymore. The quality was great but it was a joy to see real sausages that were prepared at the butcher shop, and I'm not talking about the normal breakfast sausage that Americans are used to. No, these were there real deal.

     And the veal... I can't even remember the time that I saw veal steaks at the market. Uhhh… like maybe never? At any rate, I had a great time. Now, it didn't hurt that the two butchers there were equally hot as hell. One had one of the most perfect asses I've seen in a long time. I do plan to go back. Maybe I can sneak a photo. Take a page from Dennis Quinonez's playbook. We'll see how that goes.

     I give big Kudo’s to Lauren’s leg of lamb roast for Easter dinner. I don’t think that I could have done any better. Over all, I ate so much that day that I was in food coma the rest of the night. I did manage to actually get her mother to hit me with a spatula, which I took as compliment. Of course she did blush a bit when she threatened me with a second swat and I bent over and said Yes, please.”

     At this time we are in the wine country of Hunter Valley. We went and had a tasting at Lindeman’s winery today. I've been a fan of their wines for several years now. I love cooking with it as well as love drinking it. It makes the best Robert sauce.

     Anyway, I digress…I was a tid bit loopy when we left. The food was incredible, the wine was great. Well, all but two were. Of all the wines, ten different bottles, I liked most of them. And no, we didn’t drink the whole bottle of each tasting. Geez, what do you think I am? A drunk? I leave that to Lauren. Okay, she’s not one either, but she can put away some wine.

     The best is yet to come: Kangaroos! Yep, there were herds of them in the front and back yard of the place I'm staying. It was amazing! Big ones. Little one. Some would just sit and stare at us and others would casually hop along. It was a great experience, one I will always treasure.

     I will be here for two nights and almost three days. So far I've been able to write some on this blog and also a bit on the WIP. For all you Sutton fans, there is more coming. And yes, James, I’m going to be getting back to My Hero very soon. Hopefully on this trip. I also had some plot stallions running through my mind. I've already got more than I can finish this year and still adding more. I won't be out of fresh material anytime soon… like in the next two years or more.

     Just a quick stop over so I thought I would post this blog before heading off to our next big adventure. Can anyone say 'Cowboys'? Again, I won't have internet for several day, until next Friday I think. So you all behave yourselves and I'll catch you next week.

     Remember, it never costs anything to do some little nice thing for someone else. It can be really simple.

     Take advantage of that.

     Later, y'all!



  1. Sounds like your having a great time and I'm glad cause you deserve it.

  2. What an awesome time!!! Can't believe there are kangaroos on property where you're staying.