Sunday, February 1, 2015

Updates or Mad Ramblings...

     Howdy, y’all… first off…puppy update, since so many have asked...

     The remaining male and female are doing quite well. The girl is huge and seems to be the more rambunctious of the two. The little boy is as sweet as, well as sweet as my little English washer woman. They each are eating well and starting to play with each other. They are sooooo cute. They remind me of little panda bears. By the time I post this I hope that they are awake enough to do a short video to share.

     I’m getting the idea that y’all are liking the continuing saga of the Sutton family. It was suggested that I do more on them so I decided that Valentine’s Day was a big enough occasion to give them a little more love. I do like this family. It also gives me a chance to visit my hometown a bit and get a little nostalgic.

     One reader asked how I came up with this family. It goes back to August 2013 (I think it was August). Anyway, it was when I was first starting out and quite the newbie. Dreamspinner Press put out an open call for their annual Christmas Advent Calendar. I submitted it and it was rejected. I submitted it to another publisher, Wilde City Press and they also rejected it. Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

     So I pumped it up a bit, made it a bit longer and stuck it out there as an Indie piece. I’m glad I did. I really do like these characters and the story line they have going. It is a bit on the fluffy side for me, but I think that most authors do have a side to them that can be a bit on the soft side. Yeah… I can hear the snickers from here. Just hush. I’m allowed.

     Why I really wrote this Valentine’s piece was something that I wanted, no… I needed. I needed to see or at least be a part of something uplifting and fun. This helped with that. This gave me the opportunity to get out of my own head for a while.

     In Christmas Memory 2, I actually followed through on my threat of putting people I know into a book. To my friend Lauren…HA! I told you I’d kill your ass. Kimberly, you really do need to get over some of your aversions to food. I am one day going to make you meatloaf and you’re gonna like it! Julie, I just love you and can’t wait till you come for another visit.

     Here is an update on the sequel to My Hero: I think it is a little over three-quarters done. It is going to be a very big book. It is already longer than the original if that tells you anything. There’s a lot going on. I’m introducing a few new characters, but one in particular is a real hoot. Yep, based on a real person, and I just know you’re gonna love her, like I do. Just be forewarned, if I like you, you may actually end up in a book! Here’s the truth about some of the characters: Johnny Milloway was an actual person. I had such a crush on this man. And yes, he was a football player. I was sad to hear years later that he had died of AIDS.

     Rich’s character is based off a friend that I had growing up, who I admired greatly, also a superb gymnast and diver. When we were thirteen he contracted Reye’s Syndrome. The outgoing, super smart and athletic David disappeared after that. The next time I saw David, he was a shell of the person he was. He suffered severe brain damage and I don’t think he ever did gymnastics again. I loved his mother dearly. She is Maggie Sutton in the Memory Series. And true to form, she loved her family more than anything and was just as accepting as Maggie Sutton.

     Character development to me is paramount in any of my stories. Sometimes a person I know becomes a key person in the story, or as often times happens, a conglomeration of several people. That happened in The V Unit. There were several of those characters who were bits and pieces of people stuck together. Kinda like my own private Frankenstein monster. My book. My rules. I can do whatever I want there. He he he.

     The latest news on the Australian trip is I will be there in April. The one thing that I know for sure is that I will be in Melbourne for Queermance, (the third weekend in April) which is an author and reader convention. I won’t be able to attend the entire conference but I will be there for at least part of the time. Looking forward to that. Surely someone knows of a stripper bar there?

     Working on trying to set up a meet-n-greet in Sydney. Still ironing out the details on this but will let y’all know when and where. Again, can someone please let me know the hot spots, preferably a good stripper joint, in Sydney? Don’t y’all have strippers? What’s wrong with this picture?

     I’m afraid that in AU, like in the UK, they don’t have dollar bills and the poor strippers have either died of starvation or had to move on to other professions. It’s sad I tell you, just sad. How can you do that to those poor people? Get it together and demand paper dollars I tell you! Strippers need to eat!

     Sigh…another sad thing is that it was brought to my attention that crabs, you know the louse variety, are still slowly dying off. Did you know that they are endangered now? I know I've mentioned this before, but how sad is that? I do declare that I am going to have to campaign to save the little dears. I swear I’m going to have T-shirts made up. 

Save the crabs! Stop Manscaping!
Boycott Gillette!

     Catchy, huh? Who’d buy a T-shirt to support such a worthy cause?

     I’ve not heard back from my hopefully new LGBT youth cause. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. Probably just as well right now since I am going to be very busy during March and out of the country April. Still wanting to do something to contribute in some way. We’ll see.

     Anyway, you know the routine. Go out and do for others. Doesn’t have to be a lot, just something. Time to work on that Karma bank account.

     Till next week, y’all.

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  1. You sure have your way with words . You even with this post make me laugh , get serious and touched . Wonderful blog post max :) xoxo

  2. Great post Max. I don't honestly think the Tshirt would be a big seller.