Saturday, August 2, 2014

Who needs COFFEE!

     Okay, now what? 

     UGH. Not enough coffee. Had one of those nights where sleep didn’t come and now my butt is really dragging. Need more coffee… 

     Coffee: how does anyone not like coffee? To me, coffee is the nectar of the gods. Coffee is how I survive the mornings. Coffee is like my life’s blood, which without, I would surely die. For those who follow me on Facebook, you know how I like my coffee, served up by a hot man!

     When the lovely K. C. Wells and I arrived in Paris, I downed like three double blacks, one right after the other. Damn, that was some good coffee. In London, I also had a mega cup of coffee. Costa is the equivalent of Starbucks here, only it’s much better coffee. Not quite as good as what I had in Paris, which would put hair on your chest, but good. 

     Speaking of hair on your chest… I recently saw an article pleading with men to stop shaving, waxing or manscaping. I whole heartily agree! Personally, I like men to look like men, not prepubescent little boys. Hey, I’m a gay man, not a pedophile. I remember way back when, when I looked at porn, men had full pubic bushes and hair on their balls. None of this plucked, waxed or shaved bull shit. They looked like men. Of course it was also the age of the Castro Clone, which of course I never managed to replicate. Oh well, that was then. Now I just don’t give a rats ass!

     It was a comment that the wonderful author, G. A. Hauser made on that same post that made me sit up and take notice. What was her comment you ask? Her comment was that crabs were about to become extinct! What? Really? No, not the crabs you eat, silly people. Pubic lice! Sheesh. Yep, those little critters also known as crotch crickets, dick scorpions, snatch monsters (ewww) and Bucky’s pets are near extinction! Oh. My. God!

     Think about it! We have yet another species, being wiped off the face of the planet, all because of depilation! What’s to become of the little dears? I say stop! Save the crabs! Stop shaving! What is to become of the little gay boys, whose rite of passage into slutdom going to do without crabs? No little Bucky biters crawling up the crab tree, often referred to as the treasure trail for some of you?
No. No. No. 
Yes. Yes. Yes.

     We need to act now people! I think we need T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers or whatever it takes to save ‘em. “Save pubic lice! Quit Shaving!” Of course put a cute little picture of the adorable crotch pets so people know what we’re talking about. Who’s in? Wouldn’t you want one of those T-shirts? I know I want one.


     Kinda catchy, don’cha think? 

     Okay, short one this week. I have lots to get done. Finish a few books, make up T-shirts, mow and grocery shopping. Busy, busy I tell ya. 

     As always, please take the time to do something for yourself by helping out a fellow human being. It really doesn’t take much. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. 

     Have a great week, y’all! 

Because I can!


  1. Hilarious. I honestly feel bad for the little buggers.

  2. That is really too damn funny. Thanks, Max

  3. GREAT post, Max! Always entertaining :)