Sunday, June 8, 2014

     Better late than never I say… 

What's the UK without a little Paddy, eh? 


     So here I sit, on a terrace in Bristol, UK. Just came from a workshop about blogging With Monique and Mark. Great workshop. It’s good to know that I got a lot of things right. That was purely a mistake, or should I say luck. I didn’t get much wrong, but missed a few things. Oh well…shit happens. I’ll have to work on that. 
     Today, I’m missing my sister a bit. I know she would have loved being here. Perhaps one day I’ll convince her to leave the farm and go on a trip with me like we used to. That would be so much fun. 
     Anywho… The UK Meet. What a blast. Gotta say it didn’t start off so well. Got here late Wednesday afternoon and basically got something to eat and died. BUT I have to say that I had one of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time. 
     Now, of course I’ve always heard that the UK was notorious for bad food. Well Aqua, near King Street, Bristol proved that theory wrong. OMG, it was fabulous. Now for those who know me, know that I am a total foodie. They had a pre fixe menu that included fish croquettes, a rump steak (a first for me) and a tiramisu that was one of the best I’ve ever had. It was the croquettes that blew me away. Just perfection. Okay, enough of my food experiences. OH no, not quite. 
     Another meal… ICK. Sothern Fried Pickles. Epic fail. Enough said. 
     More about the UK. So the second night we were here, we meaning, me and K.C. Wells, bless her heart, we went to see the gay nightlife. Sigh… seems that most of the younger population in the UK do not care for Americans. One came right out and told me so and exactly why. Okay, that was one person. So we went to the ‘Bear Bar’, which of course fits me to a ‘T’, right? Nope. No one said a fucking word to me. They went so far as to even avoid eye contact. Needless to say I was pretty bummed out. 
     Hey, it got better. It got a LOT better. The other authors here are so much fun. Catching up with old friends, meeting new ones has been great. The one thing I really got a kick out of was meeting the readers over here. They are hysterical. They have kept me laughing the entire weekend. 
     I gotta tell a little story here. Not really a story because it did happen. I still am giggling about the whole affair. After the dinner Friday night, I sat with Petra, Sam and then Hendrik, outside on a short wall. Why? It seems that they have these public urinals here. OPEN urinals. Really, the guys just walk up, whip it out and take a piss. Right there in front of god and country. No one seemed to bat an eye. I was, needless to say, intrigued. Ha! I went with Petra, got some beer and did what Patrick Darcy called appalling, which is saying something coming from that old whore, bless his heart. What did I do, you may ask? Well hell, what I’ve always done. I got these young college men to do the Full Monty for a beer! Did it work? Of course. Duh. I’m an old hand at this.      
Public street urinal. Too funny!

     We laughed and carried on for hours, sitting there on that wall ,watching these guys take a piss, drinking beer and getting the lads to do a bit of a show. I had a total blast. Sadly, I paid for it the next morning. The older one gets the harder it is to recover from drinking. And boy did I drink. As I predicted… Darcy just couldn’t hang. Seems he isn’t all that well versed with tequila. Poor boy. One day the good Irish lad may be as demented, as I. As he said, “Is there no end to your debauchery?” Nope, Patty, there isn’t. Take notes.

Patrick with his clutch bag. 

     Saturday night we had the gala dinner. It was lovely. Great fish. Not overcooked, thank goodness. Hake has always been a favorite of mine. (Sorry, the foodie in me just pops out.) The entertainment was good, but it was the ‘butlers’ that got me. Of course several had to come and get me to see before they even started their night of entertainment. Three men wearing nothing but little aprons. I was in little piggy heaven.      The one named Alex had my name written all over him. His ass was a work of art! OMG, my tongue was craving rug burn. As you can see, I did get pictures. I was also allowed to pet the glorious, fur covered orbs. SIGH it was lovely. I’m still salivating over that ass. I didn’t want him. I just wanted to play with him like I would a cuddly puppy. So cute. Well…maybe that isn’t quite the truth, but I could have been happy with that for a bit.


     Today, the wifey and I, K.c. Wells, and I will be off to the Isle of Wight. I’ve heard so much about this place that I’ve got to see it. So much there I want to see and do. This will be the vacation I’ve been needing. Will be so good to see my buddy, Andrew as well. Great conversations we have together. 
     A great bit thank you to all who put the UK Meet together and to those attendees who made my first UK trip special. 
     Next week… a major surprise! Stay tuned. :D 
     As always, please take the time to do something nice for someone else. Brighten their day. It will do wonders for you as well. 
     Till next week, y’all! 


  1. Take lots of pics of the Isle please? After working on the covers and seeing the pics that K.C. sent me I'm dying to go! (so pretty)

    Keep having a blast sweetie! :D I'm green with envy just so you know!

  2. Hope you continue to have a blast.hope you post.some.more blogs max it meet you hugs.ans more.hugs dani xx