Monday, October 14, 2013

GRL...It's Finally Here!

     Hi everyone, sorry I’m a few days late on the blog, but I've recently had the misfortune of suffering autumn allergies for the first time that I can remember. It’s been rather uncomfortable and the medicine that I’m allowed to take makes me woozy as all get out. So…I’m going to suffer through until I get this done, and then medicate! 

     First things first: I want to thank everyone who has made My Hero such a success. I've really been reeling from it all. The first day I couldn't even speak. Just ask K.c. Wells! 

     So here we are, only a few short days until GayLitRom (GRL) begins. This will be my first time attending. I was lucky enough to register as a reader back in March before it sold out. I was looking forward to meeting some awesome authors and blending into the background. The unknown. I mean, who would be interested in me? I've already been told that isn't going to happen. 

     Okay, now I’m freaking out. I've never been one to be in the spotlight. I've always been more of the behind-the-scenes type of guy. When I was cooking, I was always in the kitchen, no one ever really saw me except other staff. I've always been somewhat of a recluse. Why? Well…for one thing I tend to say what is on my mind, and sometimes that isn't such a good idea. Foot-in-mouth disease is what I've often called it. So, suddenly becoming a best-selling author is not what I was expecting, nor what I’m at all comfortable with. My hope is that people won’t notice and pass me by for some of the better known, more established authors. That’s my hope, at any rate. 

     When I first started thinking about GRL and some of my friends who were going to be attending, I wanted to do something special. Kinda like a welcome to HOTlanta, so to speak. So I arranged a little party at one of my favorite night spots. Of course the reason I first went there was that it was the closest gay bar to home. When I go, it is usually very early in the evening. Rarely is it crowded. They mix a good drink AND they serve it in a real honest to God glass. OH, I guess this would be where I tell you that it is an all male, all nude strip club. LOL 

     Anyway, I arranged for a special party there. The manager and I have become friends as well as one of the dancers, who is also an aspiring author. Never did I think that it would grow to such proportions. Over seventy people signed up! So many that I had to start looking at transportation, after I found out that the host hotel had no shuttle service. I had to rent a flippin’ bus to get everyone there. Even with a bus it is going to be a very tight squeeze to get everyone in. I’m going to try and get a few pics to share. I’ll post if I can. 

     P.O.W. What can I say? When Kris Jacen told me that they were releasing this at GRL I was thrilled. Now? Now I’m as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. After My Hero, and the success it has had, I’m afraid that this next book might disappoint. This is a very different type of book. It is hard, rough, gritty and very much in your face. One of my beta readers said it was the most realistic war story that they had ever read in this genre. It has warnings plastered all over it. 

     If you like a lot of angst, rough military men, a lot of hot, honest gay sex, then this book is for you. I did a lot of research on this to make sure I got it right, and I think I accomplished this. It is a love story for sure, so I hope my readers will see that in the long run. The one thing I want to point out is that this does happen. We never hear of it, however, and I think that is a shame. These men and women who defend us all, of all nations, deserve support in every way possible. Let’s not let them suffer in silence. 

     On a more positive note…my friend K.c. Wells is going to arrive on Tuesday, and I can’t wait to see her again. I’m gonna squeeze the pee-waddin’ outta her. Then on Wednesday is the Bliss party, which I am soooo looking forward to. 

     I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes next week! 

     Bye y’all! 

     Max ;-)
Just because I can.  :-)

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