Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm Baaaaccckkk!

     After two weeks of not blogging, I’m glad to be back. Okay, that’s a lie. I really struggle with doing this blog. I never know what to write about. I’m always up for ideas though. Hint, Hint. 

     Two weeks ago I was tied up… strike that, I was busy with GayRomLit (GRL). Nope, there was no evidence of tying up of anyone that I saw, much the pity. I would have almost let Rick Reed tie me up. Almost. That is one fine looking man, I have to admit. 

      Last Saturday was just a bust. I had some computer malware that I couldn’t get rid of, so my boy, my computer geek, erased all the cookies and I couldn’t remember how to sign into my Google account. He finally got me signed back in. I’m so not a computer person, obviously. 

     Anyway, I’m back and I have so much to tell you guys. I’m going to start with GRL… 

     The Wednesday night prior to the kick-off at GRL I hosted a party at one of my favorite clubs in Atlanta, Bliss. It is an all-male, all-nude strip club here in HOTlanta. I had over seventy people sign up. So many that I had to hire a bus to transport us all. I also offered a little contest to the person who had the most single one dollar bills with them before we got to the club. The winner? Well, I’m not going to say without permission, but she had over $200.00 in singles. I’m still wondering how many she had remaining when we left. 
Not Bliss, but you get the general idea.
     Some of the more memorable moments of that night was Mary G. getting the most fabulous lap dance from Jackson. The look on her face was priceless. Had we been able to take pictures, that one I would have had framed, and maybe used for blackmail. Love ya, Mary, I really do. 

     Another was when an honest to god Army Ranger decided that I needed his crotch in my face. It worked for me. Chaz was a real champ and gave a great show, as did everyone else. I offer my eternal thanks to all at Bliss who made it a very extraordinary evening for me and everyone else in attendance. 
     Going into GRL I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, I’ll tell ya. There were so many great authors there. I admit I was a bit star struck. It was simply amazing. Meeting some of my favorites made me tongue tied, and then meeting those who I’d chatted with on FB was so nice. I was also able to make some new friends, who I know I’ll keep up with for years to come. 

K.c. Wells and I for the Masquerade Ball.
     The real excitement for me was that K. c. Wells got to spend an entire week with me. We had a blast. It was special for me because I got to cook for her. I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it. Of course, I achieved my main objective which was to get her drunk off her ass. Two Manhattan’s did it. 

     What else… 

     Of course! P.O.W. was released the same night as the Bliss party. That was a big surprise since it wasn’t supposed to be released until that Friday, so the party was even better. One of the dancers there got a copy of the cover and made flyers up, so that there was one on every table. It made me very happy and very nervous at the same time. For those of you who were able to attend, the dancers, bartenders and manager wanted me to thank everyone. It seems they had as much fun as we did. To purchase P.O.W.
To purchase P.O.W. Click here

     P.O.W., what can I say here? It is not for everyone and not your typical read, and I knew this going in. I was prepared to get all kinds of criticism for the content, which I did get. What got me was one review in particular that said she had a problem with one of the main characters throwing wood at the drop of a hat. Made me wonder if she read the right book? If you start playing with a man’s junk, especially at that age, they are gonna get a stiffy. With the right stimulation, a guy has no real control over that. Sorry if you don’t like it, but that is just how things works. 
And here is proof. LOL
      Do you realize how hard I would be smacked if I presumed to know all about childbirth and disputed any part of it? I would have every woman in the world all over my ass. I really had a good laugh over that one. And yes, you can go read it for yourselves if you don’t believe me. Look for the one star review there. 

     Okay, I guess I’m going to do a little bit of a rant here. I’m going to use the one star review for P.O.W. as a prime example. I mentioned earlier about the erection thing. Yeah, it happens. You can’t always control it. Ask any 13-20 year old male who will pop wood in a stiff breeze. It can’t be helped, it just happens. 
Yep, another example. I'm sure this guy would have done his best to keep his boner down, don't you?
     Now, let me tell you, for those who may not know it, I’m a gay man. I’m old enough to have done most things sexually at least once, twice if I liked them, and even more if I really, really liked them! I like a lot of things. I write from a gay man’s perspective. So when I see some heterosexual, or heteroflexible, female tell me how gay men act between one another, or more accurately tell me it isn’t true, I’d really like to smack ’em upside the head. “What’re you thinking?” It is a pretty well-known fact, or should be, that men and women view sex differently. Gay men view sex even more differently, so please, explain to me how a straight female is bold enough to tell me I got it wrong? Please? 

     Speaking of reviews…I try not to look. There are people who look enough for me, even though I’ve told them they don’t have to, or not to. I will look at those who do reviews and then send me a link. I have no issue with that. I look at it like this: if you don’t like what I write, then go read something else. There are literally thousands of books to choose from. Go, be happy. Read something else. If you choose to write a negative review, I can only hope that you give an open and honest reason why you didn’t particularly care for a book, mine or anyone else’s. 

     Reviews - this was a subject that I heard mentioned several times during GRL. The one thing that really bothers me the most about bad or not good reviews is some people think it is quite okay to attack other people personally. Okay, you didn’t like their book, but there is no need to get personal with it. As I told someone long ago, ‘If you don’t think you can say it to someone’s face, then don’t say it online’, period. 

     That’s going to be my final word on that subject… Damn, but I do feel better with that off my chest. 

     I’ve been asked over and over again what I am currently working on. I tend to keep this fairly close to the chest. Why? Sometimes I veer off in another direction and start something else before I’ve finished what I’d started. There will be something that catches my interest and off I go. Then there are the times when a new story demands to be written right then. Funny thing about that. Those are the stories that seem to just flow right out of my fingertips and I have no say about it. I end up just going with the flow and see where it takes me. My Hero was very much that way. Those guys just did their own thing while I sat here rolling my eyes. 

     I will tell you that I have finished a story and am currently working on the edits. It is a Christmas story that I think most of you will like. It is a small novella, so a quick and easy read. I actually wrote it last Christmas while I was in the mood and shelved it, saving it for this year. 

     Now for the big news: Johnny and Rich aren’t done with me as yet, it seems. They are yelling in my ear constantly now. I have a feeling that another story about these two will be coming in the very near future. 

     Oh and yes, there is yet another story that is going on in my head that is demanding to be told. A more serious piece about yet another Marine who is now home and dealing with some serious PTSD issues. The research on this is taking some time, but I want to make sure I’ve got it right. I’ve already done three interviews on the subject. One with a Vet who is no longer in service, one who is currently enlisted and still in service and a non-service man, who suffers from PTSD. I have one more interview to conduct before I really dig into this one. Stay tuned. 

     Ahhh, yes…and I do have yet another full length book that is finished and about to go into edits. This one is way off the beaten path for me. I actually did it for NaNo last year on a dare. Again, I think most will like it. After I got into it, it was fun. 

      Wow, this had turned into one long blog today, so I’ll end it with another announcement. Drum roll please… I’ve signed up to do the UK Meet in Bristol, UK next June. 

     I’ll try and do better and keep more up to date with the blog. 

     Till next week, 


Just because I can. 


  1. Love the blog as usual Max
    you are so great to read wether it is a book or your blog ;)
    lovely to see your comment on GRL and to hear about the new upcoming books!
    cannot wait :)
    And Uk Meet, YEAH!

    hugs Dani x

  2. You're going across the pond! Traitor. You'll meet the mythical creature known as Kc's husband and tell us if he's real or not! Looking forward to everything you've got cooking.