Saturday, June 8, 2013

Celebrate Each Victory!

     Another Saturday, another show! Hope everyone had a great week. 

     Just a quick thank you to those who downloaded “Hawk ‘n’ Harley” this past week, I’ve received some very nice comments. I am glad that everyone liked it. I wrote that sometime ago, when I was first starting out, so again, thank you for the kind words. 

     Today I go to orientation for Lost and Found. For those who are not familiar with this organization, they help homeless gay youth, which are plentiful on the streets of Atlanta. They come from all over the South East in the States. It is a sad state of affairs when parents would rather have no child than a gay child. ‘What?’ you say? Yes, it does happen in this day and age. To prove this point, just watch this link. It is a Baptist Pastor of one of the largest churches in a well to do northern suburb if Atlanta.

Follow link to the right.

Local pastor denounces gays in the Boy Scouts, cuts donations

     Because of the Boy Scouts decision to be inclusive to gay boys, he decided to throw them out of the church and stop any funding. Okay, so no big deal. I agree. Big flippin’ deal. It is the fact that his entire congregation gave him a standing ovation on his decision that upset me. You see, these are the people who have kids who will be the ones to toss those youngsters aside, with permission, sanctioned by their Pastor. There’s a real Christian for you. 

     To prove this point, a new book came out recently called “Lost and Found” that deals with this subject matter. The editor of this book, Kris Jacen, called one of the members of the board of the organization, Lost and Found, to discuss the proceeds of the book that is being donated to them. On that very day a youngster was put out on the side of the road. Their offense? They had a gay oriented book on their Kindle or whatever reading device they were using. 

     Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, these parents stopped on the interstate and put their child out on the side of road like a piece of trash because they dared to have gay themed literature on their reading device. These are the parents who listen to such hate mongers such as this Reverend Easley. So if you think that for one second that people, good upstanding, law abiding citizens wouldn’t do this, think again. 

     If you would like a good read and want to help just a small portion of these kids, please, I urge you to buy this book. The book is full of wonderful stories that need to be read. Pass them along to your young adult teens even, for those who have kids. Tell them, teach them, let them know that being a teenager is hard, but if a teen is gay, it is so much harder. 

Follow link here.

     On a happy note: The Boy Scout troop that was tossed from the Baptist Church has a new home in another church. Their funding actually went up and all is well for that particular group. Of course that is just one, and there are others feeling the same backlash. Let the Boy Scouts know that you support their decision, as small minded as they are sometimes. They of course will not let leaders be gay, but one step at a time. After all, Rome was not built in a day. Take each small victory as they come. 

     As for the youngster left on the side of the road… Lost and Found in Atlanta took this person in and they are now safe and not left on the nasty streets of a large and menacing city. With support from our local community and from the sale of this book, things look bright. 

     I’d like to thank you all again for taking the time to read my musings, ramblings and supporting me in such small ways. They make my days brighter. 

     Max  ;-)


  1. I already knew about that youth left by the side of the road, but this still upset me...
    Brilliant blog, Max.

  2. This is so very sad.. I am ashamed that I am not more knowledgeable of the situation but it disturbs me greatly to see that people can allow themselves to be brainwashed in such a way.

    I live in a small Muslim village and yes we have gay people here. They are not hidden away or ignored - we all party together.

    1. Thank you Rosalind. I am glad to hear that the Muslim community where you live is so open minded.

      xoxo ;-)