Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Here! It's Finally Here!

     Woo-Hoo! Looky, looky!

      I got an email yesterday informing me that my Goodreads story “Anything For You Sir” was posted. It came as a complete surprise since I was told that they would let me know in advance the posting/release date. Don’t know what happened with that, but that’s okay, I really don’t mind. 

     Here is one of the first reviews to come in: 

     This was something I would have paid for. Jason and Jerome were both complex characters with real motivations that made sense for their personalities. You kept them true to themselves, and yet let them change in the story to become two people who were no longer strangers, but intimate lovers, who care immensely about each other. It happens quickly, but it's not insta-love, and your plot is complex enough that it seemed to fit. 

     You have so many varied plot arcs coming together. We saw the conflict in the Dom's life and the sub's life all come together in one arc that evolves along with their relationship. Each event seemed to be well thought out and vital to the story and character development. I am very very pleased to have been able to read this as a free story. You did a great job Max. 

      I must admit, this did my heart good. Yes, I do realize that I wrote this in only three weeks. Yes, I did do this as a free read, but that does not mean that I didn’t want to do a decent job. Trust me when I say that it wasn’t easy banging out a 52k plus story in that short amount of time. My poor beta reader was really put through the ringer on this. She had no idea how I work, the poor thing. Thank you Diane B.!

     Anyway, here is the link if you’d like to have a read and it’s FREE!

     As always, please leave a comment, good, bad or indifferent.

     Thanks everyone for your continued support,

     Max  ;-)

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