Saturday, April 13, 2013

Goodreads Update

     Good morning all, I hope everyone doing well. 

     I wanted to give everyone a little update as to how this challenge for Goodreads, ‘Love Has No Boundaries’ is going. Well, in a word, stupendous. I am almost done and so far I’m very pleased. 

     Our main characters have led me on a wild and somewhat emotional ride. They completely trashed my first outline and have decided to do their own thing. Oh well, sometimes that happens. 

     Here is a small snippet – 

     Jerome came out of the bathroom and stretched. The muscles in his arms and shoulders bulged, his heavy pectorals stretched tight. Jay could feel the muscles constrict in his own stomach with want. With his back to the bed Jerome dropped the boxers giving Jason a full view of his ass. A light dusting of hair feathered in towards the center becoming a little heavier towards the valley of his tight butt. 
     Setting the alarm, turning off the light, Jerome said, “’Night.” 

     “’Night, Sir.” 

     Now, for those of you who are looking for something a little more…substantial, I give you…wait for it… 

      …another excerpt of a piece that I wrote some time ago. 

Warning: IF you do not like heavy BDSM and graphic sexual content between men, skip this, it isn’t for you. For those of you who are brave enough to enter into the dungeon of real, heavy-duty Leatherman, I welcome you. 

     As usual, please leave a comment, good, bad or indifferent. Have a good one everyone, 


Burning Heads (PDF Version)
Burning Heads (Word Doc Version)


  1. Where are you hiding this Leatherman story of which you speak,
    Mr. Vos?

  2. oh....I am trying to be patient for the goodreads story but... :( I want...

    and I want the Leatherman story but don't see it!