Sunday, October 23, 2016

Okay... Now What?

     So… here I sit… again, staring at a blank page. Now what? Well I’ll be damned if I know. I have nothing real exciting going on. Of course… sitting on my big butt with my foot up is part of the issue. One thing that I have been able to do is catch up on some things on TV and some reading.

     What I’ve been reading…
     Well, I tore through a bunch of M/M books while I was still in Australia. I think I read just about every Aussie themed book I could. Of course, TAT (The Aussie Tart) had a lot of those, which made it easy. I mean, while there, why not. It was nice to have an actual book in my hands, I admit.
     Then I decided to take a break from M/M and went to some of my other favorite authors. I went on a tear and read some Anne Rice and Clive Cussler. It was like a breath of fresh air for me. It was something that I needed I think. It gave my brain a break from not only gay themed books, but from romance as well. Okay, Anne Rice does tend to lean a little on the romance, but not all that much. It is more of an underlying theme.
     The one thing I came away from while on this reading binge was that there are so many styles and voices in my head that I need to listen to more. I think every writer needs to be a reader, and I’ve always said that. I think that I need to spread my reading habits around more. Get out of the M/M from time to time and let my mind wander.
     Okay, now what…uhhh….
     Oh, the other day I needed to the grocery store but stopped off at Lowe’s first. I went early so I didn’t have to deal with any crowds. I did use, for the first time, one of those electric cart things. I’ve always refused them before, but it was just easier than trying to push a shopping cart on crutches.
     Anyway, by going early, I got to see a lot of the tradies getting supplies to start their day. I was surprised at the new perspective riding around in that cart gave me. If you haven’t guessed yet, it puts your eyesight right at crotch level! I might reconsider using that cart from now on. Yeah, I know, I’m a bit of a perv, but then most of you knew that already. Hey, I may be on a diet but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu!

     I don’t know about anywhere else, but here, a lot of tradesmen wear those nylon shorts. I’m guessing because they are light weight and fairly cheap. The one thing I like about them is they really do cling to the body. Those things do show off a nice booty, let me tell you. Oh, and you can usually tell if they are wearing boxers or briefs. Yay, long live the boxers, even if they are butt ugly. It reminds me of that old country song: “Swingin’”. Yeah, things do tend to swing to and fro with boxers. I think I may need to go to Lowe’s first thing in the morning. I’m sure I need something there. Sadly, I didn’t have the same experience at the grocery store.
     Here in fabulous, sunny Flo-rid-ia, the weather has finally become more tolerable. What I mean is that it isn’t in the high 90’s with humidity close to the same digits. Ugh, that really is miserable. However, since I’m somewhat laid up, I can’t really be out doing what I’d really like to be doing. Yep, I so want to be outside and digging in the dirt. Hopefully, I’ll be free of the Frankenstein boot by next week and I can get my hands dirty. I’ve got so much I’d like to get done.
     The break in the weather also means that Halloween is just around the corner. I used to go all out for the holiday. Most gay men love this holiday. Hell, I think we got more excited about it over Christmas! I think that after my Jim died, I kind of lost interest. That was his favorite holiday, after all. He would go all out. One year we even made CNN! Anyway, I think I may be starting to get the itch again. Not sure why, but I’ve been thinking… always dangerous. I doubt that I’ll be able to do anything this year. I’m just not able to do much, but maybe… next year.
I do like body painting!

     It’s this time of year that seems to fly by for me. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas. That’s when my stomach starts to tighten up. I can’t help but think of those kids I’ve seen or met that were tossed out by their families like yesterday’s garbage. What is their Christmas going to be like? Are they going to have a safe place to spend the holidays? Will they be warm? I can’t help myself. After seeing the need first hand, I can’t get it out of my head.
     It isn’t just the kids either. I’ve seen the homeless veterans hovering around the VA Hospital in Atlanta, looking, begging for help. We as a country have truly failed these men and women. As individuals, we can always do something. Sometimes the simple act of kindness makes a big difference in their lives.
Irreverent Warriors do a lot of good!

     When I was researching for ‘Life After Living’, I was heartbroken at some of the stories I found. Some of these poor guys left their homes, their families, because they were afraid they might hurt them. Some were so messed up in the head that repeatedly tried to commit suicide, many succeeding. The stories are varied, but the outcome was pretty much the same. They need help and they need it now.
     Please, keep that in mind when you do your shopping this year. Keep those in mind that don’t have families to spend time with. There is always something we can all do. No matter how small, it can and does make a difference. Go get them Karma Coins!
     Okay, y’all, that’s all I got this week. Have a grrreat week.

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