Sunday, January 31, 2016

Where Are The Strippers, NYC?

     So… I’m sitting here, looking at this blank page and wondering… “Hmm, now what?”
     I’d thought about doing a little something that was history related, but… meh, sounds kinda boring now. Then I considered just winging it, as I so often do, and just ramble along about whatever comes to mind, but then… I’m really not in the mood to ramble. Besides, I don’t have all that much to ramble on about.
     So what now? Oh hell… I need more coffee.

     Oh, I know…
     Rainbow Book Fair in New York City. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Uhh… well, maybe? Right… Let’s see how this goes.
     I finally booked the apartment where I’ll be staying. Check, done. Looking at plane tickets, waiting a bit longer. Still too soon to book those. I try and book no sooner than six weeks out, but that may change. I’ll keep an eye on it.
     Inventory books. Check. Damn, I’m going to need to order more books.
     Swag. Ugh, I hate having to deal with swag. I never know what to do, and that shit gets expensive.
     Stripper party. SCREECH! Brakes on.
     What is it with New York City that you have NO strip clubs? What gives? Many of you know that I try and have a little party with my fellow authors at a strip club. It’s fun!

     I thought I had something all lined up and them BAM! The manager decided to be a real jerk, so I backed off. So I start my search again. Found several places with go-go boys, but no strippers, and yes, there is a difference. I mean, go-go boys are fine, but there is no show there. Just guys shaking their asses in underwear. I have a feeling that the art of a good strip show is dying out.
     Come on NYC, get it together! I’m excited to be going to New York. It is more about seeing old friends than anything else. I forgot who said it, but it isn’t the city or seeing the sights that makes a city special, it’s the people who make it. I so agree with that.
     Of course, being the total foodie that I am, I’m looking forward to having some really good meals. I know that there are going to be those who think I’m crazy to plan my trip around meal times, but hey, it was such a big part of my life for so long, how can I not. Carnegie Deli damn well have their kitchen fixed this time. I’ll be banging on the door if not and demanding my Reuben!

     Now years ago, and no I’m not going to say how long ago, I remember when Times Square was one of the sleaziest places I’d ever seen. Granted, it needed to be cleaned up, but come on… there’s got to be a little balance for us good natured, fun loving pervs. Don’t we deserve a little adult fun when in the Big Apple? So frustrated.

     Meanwhile, on the writing front…
Yes, there is a reason for this photo.
     I’m almost done with this current book. I just need the time and space to buckle down and get it done. I think most of you might be surprised by this one. There are times when I shake my head, wondering where this all came from. It’s different for me, that’s for sure, but then again, I don’t shy away from tough topics and I never seem to stay within the same sub-genre. Oh well, it’s just the way my mind works I guess.

     I also have two other stories that are in the works. There are times when one kind of struggles along, so I switch to another one until the characters decide to pull their proverbial heads outta their asses. There are times I’d like to just shake ‘em till their teeth rattle.
     Then there is the house remodel…
     Poor, poor Studly-Do-Right. That man has had such the education this week. I’m not sure how it came up (I wasn’t there at the time) but TAT (The Aussie Tart) told poor Studly that he wasn’t my type. HE brought it up at lunch. I think he was fishing as to why. When I told him he wasn’t nearly hairy enough, as in “You have no hair!” He simply replied, “Oh.” Of course me being me, I had to take it a step further. “The best thing about having a hairy guy is there is never a need for dental floss.” The look on that man’s face. I thought he was going to lose it right then and there. It really was priceless. You could just see him running through the visuals, shaking his head. He really does make it too easy sometimes. The education he’s getting… It didn’t seem to spoil his appetite though!

     I don’t really have much more to add today, so I think I’ll cut this off here. I’m also hungry, so I need to go forage for food. Why not start the year off right? Make sure that you take time out for someone else. A smile doesn’t cost much, nor does helping some who may be struggling with something at the grocery store. It doesn’t take much to make someone else’s day. Just do something. It will come back to you.
     Have a grrreat week, y’all.

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