Sunday, October 18, 2015

Here I Sit...

     So… here I sit, once again. I don’t know ‘bout y’all but I’m sitting my big butt down. I’m afraid I’m back to rambling again. No real theme or ideas… again. Where this will end up is anyone’s guess.

     Here goes...
     It’s been a pretty good week. Since I finished Olympian, I decided to take a few days off and get some other things done that I’ve let fall by the wayside and to have a little fun. I don’t think I knew just how much pressure I had put on myself in getting that book done. It was like a huge weight off my shoulders. It has been a rough last few months, let me tell you.

     Anyway, I had fun just doing little stuff around the house, futzing about with no real goal. I even went and had a look at a garden nursery. Anyone else do that? Just go to wander about to see what there was to see? I do like strolling about looking at plants. Maybe I’m just weird that way.
     I will admit that I did do a little work, writing work that is. I’m taking my time letting it flow as it wants, just enjoying doing it. That’s when I enjoy writing. I think I was just so afraid of disappointing anyone with the sequel to My Hero, that I’d put a lot of stress on myself. Anyway, it is done and I’m moving along onto other works. Yay me!
     What else…
     This is Gay Rom Lit (GRL) week. While I am missing seeing a lot of fun people, readers and authors alike, I just couldn’t bring myself to go. I’ve seen some photos and such online and while I’m glad everyone is having a good time, I do miss being part of it. Oh well, it was my decision and I’m sticking with it. I do hope that everyone that’s in attendance has a good time.
     Other news…

     I kinda fell off the wagon this week. I just couldn’t resist. I was just craving it so badly. Next thing I know… a half gallon later… I was sated. Addiction is a terrible thing. As far as I know, I’m the only one that has a milk addiction. Just goes to prove how wacky and crazy I am. I’m just glad that there weren’t any Tim Tams around. I’m sure they would have been eaten in one sitting.
     And now to the weather…
     It seems the long hot Florida summer is over… finally. Yay! To me, it seemed to go on forever. Last year the cooler temperatures started about mid-September. Not this year. It felt like it was never going to end. The second week of October felt like August to me. I think I would be okay if it was just the heat, but it was just as humid as it was hot. That’s just yuck. I hate it when my nuts stick to my leg. I stand up and start shaking my legs to dislodge ‘em. I think the dogs must think I’m nuts…um…errr… crazy.
     Speaking of which…
     One morning, earlier this week, I was cleaning off the dining room table and happened to look up and out the window. There was my next door neighbor up on a ladder. It appeared that he was doing something with an antenna or something like it. Of course he looked over and waved. I guess it didn’t faze him that I was standing there buck ass naked. Normally he wouldn’t have seen me because of the privacy fence, but he was on a ladder. Oops. Oh well, shit happens.
     I saw something a few days ago that I now wish I had saved. It was a little saying about Karma. It said something along the lines about Karma is only a bitch if you are. As I have said before, Karma can be a very good thing and it usually carries interest. So, don’t be a little bitch. Do something nice for someone and get those good Karma coins in your bank.
     Have a grrreat week, y’all,
I couldn't resist. :D

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