Sunday, June 21, 2015

What The Fuck?

     So… (a needle pulling thread) Yeah, not sure where that came from. It just popped into my head. Probably not a very good start to all this.

     You know what really burns my ass? A flame about three feet tall. Okay, maybe two feet. Something else that just randomly crossed my mind. Why? Who knows? I told y’all I was bat-shit crazy!
     This has been an interesting week. I got a lot done and then didn’t get a lot done. I’m sure that makes perfect sense, right? The bad thing… I fell off the wagon this week. Oh yeah, did I ever. I drank a gallon of milk in two days. There are times I just can’t help it. I crave the stuff. I don’t know what it is about milk. I’ve always been that way, even as a kid. My mother never had to tell me to finish my milk. She was actually telling me to slow down on the milk. I don’t get people who don’t like milk. I think they’re weird.
     Of course, having a care package full of Tim Tams didn’t help. So much for that diet. Yeah, thanks for that Lauren. Love you, mean it. Don’t ever change. But my diet went right out the window! Please don’t ever stop sending them. Kiss. Kiss.

     I’ve been holding off on saying anything, since I got burned the last time, or two times I should say, but I do have an announcement.

     Drum roll please…. My Hero is going to be on audio book!
Book Cover
     Yep, I found, well Monique Thompson found, directed me, okay pushed me toward this guy, Jarrod Ford. He’s a singer, musician and now book narrator. Yeah, I got his cherry. Anyway, he lives in New York City and did the audition and he was simply brilliant.
Audio Cover
     Here is where I get to explain why I don’t/can’t do audio books. When I was a kid, my mother, grandmother, sister and anyone else around that wanted me to shut the hell up and go to sleep, would read to me. As you may have guessed it; it put me right to sleep.

     True story… I rented an audio book while driving once. Boy, was that a mistake. I learned very quickly that not only was it not helping me stay awake, but was actually putting me to sleep. Needless to say, I didn’t do that again.

     Anyway, back to the story… Jarrod Ford got all joined up with ACX, the people, and signed the contract. Now, color me oh so surprised when he sent me a spread sheet with questions. Did I happen to mention that this happened within a week’s time of signing the contract? Why am I surprised? After the last two guys totally flaked on me, I’ve been a bit leery.

     It was fun talking to him about how to pronounce things, explain minute details to him. Then to my surprise, he told me that he’d been researching Knoxville, the town where the book takes place. He went through the list of things he’d learned.
     This guy really has impressed me. When signing the contract, they ask for a finish date. I wanted to make sure to give him enough time, so I suggested a date that was out far enough so that it didn’t rush him. Then low and behold, he tells me he is looking to have it done three weeks early! Oh yeah, I’m loving this guy.

     Anywho, my first audio book should be out no later than mid-August. I’m really excited. This is something new for me and it really is exciting. For those who like audio books, I think you’re going to be in for a bit of a surprise. This guy really is that good. I think a star has been born.

     Now then, I’ve been trying my best to get the sequel to My Hero, My Hero the Olympian, done. It’s very hard. Actually, I’m terrified. I think I may have mentioned it before, but this really does scare the hell outta me. Oh and did I mention that it is already twenty-thousand words longer than the first one and it is only three-quarters done? Yeah, this is a huge book. It is going to cost me a fortune to get it edited.

     It’s very difficult to live up to expectations sometimes. This book being one of those times it seems. I refuse to put out crap. I know it has taken me over a year to get this thing done, but I’d rather it take longer than forcing it and it not living up to what readers loved about the first book.

     Here’s a funny, or I think so. In My Hero, I used characters that I knew in real life. I do tend to do that. Like Ruthie. She was a friend of mine in real life. It was suggested by someone that I contact her and let her know that she was in the book.

     Well I did that. It was fun to reconnect with her. She seemed to find it funny that she was in the book. I sent her a copy. Not sure if she’s read it or not, but I guess we’ll see. I hope she likes her character. In a lot of ways, it really is her.

     That’s about all I have this week. I can’t say that I’ve done anything for anyone else this week. I’ve been staying home a lot lately. Played in the yard some, went to the grocery store, washed a dog and that’s about it. Well I did get some writing done, but that’s work. I guess this coming week I’ll have to try and figure something else out. At any rate, the Kudo Coin Bank didn’t get added to this week. That always makes me sad. Hope someone else had better luck. If so, let me know.

     Have a great week, y’all.


I don't know who's ass this is, but I sure would like to find out! I may be in love.


  1. Great post Max! Sounds like you got a lot of things accomplished ... just because they're not BIG things ... they are still things that needed to get done & make up your life. Sounds like you found a 'keeper' ... I'm like you ... audio books put me to sleep but music keeps me awake ... I know ... I'm weird! Have a cuppa Joe & have a Great day! Let your Muse think on this next book ... sounds exciting. Thoughts & Love from Alaska

  2. Loved reading this... you make me smile.

  3. congrats on the Audio work--sounds great to have someome interested in doing a great job--I love milk too-especially frozen