Sunday, January 18, 2015

Out of the Pool.

     Howdy, y’all. 

     I guess most of you may have noticed by now that I took down my blog post from last week. Sorry, but it was just too whiney for me. I’m not generally a whiney person and I really don’t care for many who are, so I took it down. I'm done doing laps in the pity pool. 

     So….now what? Hell if I know.

     I did manage to pull myself together enough to finish edits and get A Christmas Memory 2 out. The initial plan was to have it out the day after Thanksgiving, but things got…messy and complicated, to say the least. Anyhoo, I got a not so gentle nudge from my bestie and it is out. Thanks to all who bought it. For those who are fans of Adam and J.J., I may have a little surprise for you in the not too distant future.

     I will admit I've been drinking again. MILK people, just milk. Sheesh. Yeah, went through four gallons in one week. I’m sure there is a twelve-stop program for people like me. Between the milk and the goodie baskets I got for Christmas…well all I can say is thank god for elastic pants!

     The big news of the week, I guess, is that I did find a charity that I would like to volunteer for. It looks like a great organization that helps homeless gay youth. I’ll tell you more about that later. Don’t want to jinx it just yet. I did ask for a few letters of reference and I got some really nice ones. Thanks to those who wrote them. Big kisses and hugs.

     A good friend invited me to NYC and I was very tempted. I really could use a change of scenery about now. Even with the temperatures up there I was tempted. BUT… there are three week old puppies to consider, so that pretty much takes care of that.

     Speaking of puppies... they will be four weeks old this coming Wednesday. They are growing like weeds and are going to be beautiful dogs.
New born. Still wet.
Week One.

Week Two

     With all that has gone on in the past few weeks… I've not been doing a whole lot. Did a marathon of Downton Abbey. Watched movies that…well…were of questionable worth. Had more chocolate than anyone should have at any given time.

     What else? Umm…

     Well I have been helping the bestie with some plotting and working on the Southern Dialect. There are times when I wonder if we really do speak the same language. Although, admittedly, there are some things that Southerners say that you’d never hear anywhere else in the world, I’m sure. I call them Southernisims. I’ll give you some examples…

     I think that the first time that K.C. heard me say “I’m as full as a tick on a fat hound dawg”, she nearly fell out of her chair laughing, after she was able to close her mouth that is. Now she says it as well. It's quite amusing to hear her try and imitate a Southern accent. Sorry hun, but that English accent still shines through.

     When I was visiting her last summer and after a long walk on the Isle of Wight, I think I said something about being as sore as a boil on an old whore’s butt. I think her husband just about spit tea through his nose. (He has more control than I gave him credit for. I’ll try harder next time.)

     Now was it my fault that those poor folks in Paris couldn't understand my English? “I speak English, but I do not understand you with accent.” Wait? I have an accent? Lara Brukz, do we have an accent? Naw, can’t have.

     Hell, there were some English who couldn't understand me while in the UK. That’s okay, I didn't understand them half the time either. As much as I love my friend, and fellow urinal watcher, Petronella, I only get about half what she says, especially have a few beers. Don’t much matter, we have a good time anyway.

     On a side note, anyone who wants to send me a stripper, feel free to do so. Wouldn't mind the distraction about  now. Just make sure he’s at least thirty years old! I have to say, I’m missing my stripper bar in Atlanta.  

     Okay, I guess that’s about all I got for this week. Remember, doing something nice for someone else is a lot of times better for you than them. Rack up them Karma Coins, y’all.

     Have a great week you guys,



  1. Karma coins, I like that. As a matter of fact, made me want to say something about this even more. Several years ago, two people my youngest son considered very good friends, even babysat for them, all of a sudden quit talking to him, didn't want him around at all. Come to find out, the female's grandmother had come to the conclusion that my son was doing things to her grandson. The woman didn't like my son from the very beginning. She liked the fact that he wqs babysitting her precious grandson even less. Now, we're talking about a woman who refused to help potty train said nephew, because she kept him quite often, to the point of him still wearing diapers at 4 years old because he refused to use a toilet and she thought that was just fine. Anyway, they never reported it, just told my son to stay away. Because of this and because I know my son has problems, but nothing like that, I believed him when he said he hadn't done anything and I believed him even more when the friends told me their exact reasons behind it. I stayed semi friends or I spoke to them when I saw them, but didn't go out of my way.
    I tend to feel like most, karma is a bitch and if you're not careful, it will bite you in the ass. Well, late last night/early this morning, it apparently bit this couple in the ass. They have 3 kids, with all 3 having different fathers and the last one belonging to both of them. The little girl's daddy has accused the guy of messing with his daughter. Only, he went father than they did with my son, he reported it and they spent most, if not the whole night, at the police station. Honestly, I don't believe he did it any more than I believed my son did. I believe the daddy is only trying to cause problems because he doesn't like the guy. And believe me, the daddy would never win father of the year award, he wasn't even in the little girls life until a couple of years ago and I thinks she's like 5/6 now, not sure. But Yeah, karma is a bitch and it looks like they're gonna go through a lot more than they ever put my son through.
    As for the rest of the post, about southern dialects and sayings. I've heard people say those things, but have never used them myself. But, I constantly use baby, sugar, hon, honey and all the other sugary sweet names, lol.

  2. Max, your posts always make me smile 😊