Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to REALLY Tip a Stripper.

     Howdy, y’all! It is going to be a rather short blog this week. I’m trying to get ready for GRL and some other things, so my time is rather limited. Can’t wait to see old friends, and make new ones this year. See y’all there. 

     Recently, I saw a post with instructions on how to tip a stripper. I nearly fell out of my chair, literally. Now those who know me know I can sniff out a gay strip club or go-go bar from five miles away. Ask anyone who attended my GLR party last year. I’ve been going to male strip clubs for more years than I care to admit. I will say this much: I was going long before this… person, who was probably still in diapers. 

     Anyway, first off this: “I only tip $20.00 because I can afford it.” Well how faa-faa-fucking-faa for you. Do you have someone lighting your cigars with $100.00 bills too? HELLO, this is the real world. “Because I usually know the guy”. Well aren’t we just special? Sounds like collecting, if you ask me. 

      Second: “Be respectful.” Of course be respectful, but they are doing this job with their eyes wide open. They expect a little groping and such. Of course, don’t go clawing at them, and ladies, watch your nails please. That is a big complaint with strippers. They expect to be touched. They have basically given the invitation. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it, now would they? 

     Third: “Paper cuts, especially with dirty money, hurt like a bitch.” Uh… most of American money is primarily made from linen. Unless it is brand new, paper cuts are pretty much a non-issue. Most every male dancer I’ve ever known showers almost immediately after a show anyway, so the chances of getting a staph infection are very small. If you don’t feel comfortable pouch plunging, put it in the waistband, or if they are wearing an arm or leg band, put it in there. They’re usually not shy. 

     Most dancers fold their tips in half, long-ways. If you plan on ‘taking the plunge’ then fold it in half the other way again. The chances of getting cuts are slim to none, even if the bills are new. Go forth and tip with confidence. 

     I have to say, the dancers at Club Bliss last year were thrilled with my GRL party. They complimented me about our group over and over for months afterwards. I am sure that this year won’t be any different. Okay, now about the party I had planned while in Chicago this year - it’s been cancelled. The powers that be were pretty unhappy with me for scheduling it when I did, although that wasn’t intentional. I tried to move it over to Wednesday night, but that proved to be rather problematic. However, stay tuned… there are other Cons that I plan on attending next year and I’m already planning a major blow out. 

     Winter is coming soon. Please remember those who are less fortunate that you are. The homeless youth in major cities are especially vulnerable this time of year. They will engage in all kinds of risky behavior to eat and to get somewhere warm. Most major cities have shelters for homeless youth, and some even have ones that are especially for LGBT youth. Please be as generous as you can. 

     Remember, when you help someone else, you’re helping yourself as well. 

     Can’t wait to see everyone in Chicago! 

     Have a great week, y’all! 



  1. A great post as usual, Max.

    It'll be my first time experiencing/seeing this, and naturally I have no clue, so thanks for the tips on tipping the dancers/strippers. My wallet (and creditcard) sighed a huge sigh of relief that I don't have to hand over a fortune in order to show my appreciation!

    I can't wait to see you again on Wednesday. ��


  2. Great post Max!! Can't wait to meet you at the airport tomorrow. Pretty sure it was Bliss that a bunch of us went to last year at GRL and had a blast. Sorry to hear it closed. Wish your party this year could have happened! See you tomorrow :-) Ellen

  3. I just had time for a glimpse of your post that included several sounding vids/pics. Can you let me have that link???? It was very fascinating ----