Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wow…Just Wow

     What a week this has been. Last Saturday I uploaded ‘My Hero’, my newest release. There were some issues with Amazon, but that finally got sorted out by Monday. 

     I have to say I've truly been blown away by the response to this book. I have to admit, this book drove me nuts. The two main characters just took over and did what they wanted when they wanted, and yes, how they wanted. The average reader must be wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I’m sure. So let me tell you a little about how I work. 

     When I start thinking about a story I always start with the characters. They are the most important thing to a story, after all. I do a worksheet on them, from how they look, to their mannerisms, ethnic background and so forth. By the time I’m done, they are normally talking to me. I used to spend a lot of time on plot lines but finally gave up. I have a general idea of where I want the story to go, but a lot of times that will change during the story. 

     On ‘My Hero’ that went out the window by the second chapter. After that, I just held on for dear life as they did their thing. There was a time when I was very concerned at how much sex these guys were having. The one thing I want to make sure of is that if there is a hot and heavy sex scene, it needs to have something to do with the actual story. Needless to say, I got a little worried that might not be happening. But as I read back through it, I was relieved that indeed they were right. 

     Hold on folks, because there is where I’m gonna ride that escalator up to the very tippy-top of the highest soap box I can find. Attention please…MEN ARE NOT WOMEN. Oh, I can see the eyes rolling from here. Yes, that is what I said. So ladies, listen up.

Yep...not women!

     As little boys we are normally dressed in drab colors by the time we are five. Then we are constantly told to ‘man up’, ‘be a big boy’, ‘men don’t cry’, ‘boys don’t …’, fill in your own verbage here. And sadly, queer, pansy, sissy are often used to ‘correct’ behavior that society deems as ‘unmanly’. If that wasn’t bad enough, now we have commercials on TV that are constantly male bashing. Men aren’t smart, men don’t understand, men only see what is in front of them, men are only interested in sports, their cars and women. Take a look. Watch closely and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This has a real effect on a man’s psyche. Hell, even men’s underwear ads are now directed at women! What’s up with that? 


     Why am I bringing all this up? Well I’m about to tell you why. In ‘My Hero’ there is a scene where one of the main characters sleeps with a woman. I know…gasp, right? WRONG. If a young man has always been bombarded with the messages I've mentioned above, and then all of a sudden one of the main things that makes him identify as a man is challenged, his entire self is at stake. Everything you've ever thought about yourself is wiped out, or so it may feel.

     So when this character sleeps with this woman it isn't cheating. He is trying to figure out what and who he is sexually and how he identifies as a man. I know…ladies, you’re not exactly going to get that perhaps, and maybe I’m not conveying this all that well, but men truly do think with their dicks a good portion of the time. I admit it. It is true. So when you are trying to figure out where you want to stick that thing, it’s a very big deal, and has a lot to do with who we are as men. He had to know. Get it? It isn't cheating, only fact-finding. 


 AND while I’m on the subject of men and their dicks…men do like sex. It has nothing to do with their hearts sometimes, just sayin’. It’s the pure animalistic act that we tend to enjoy. It can be fun. It can even be funny at times. A lot of times it is just down and dirty. Sweaty, wet, hot, and just downright nasty sex. But isn’t that what some of you ladies like? If so, then don’t try to change the beast. Go with it and enjoy it. Gay men embrace this fact and often times will go where others might not, simply because they have had to look at their own sexuality differently. They have to sit and think about who they are sexually and yes, that does tend to change a man. It’s just who we are. 

     Now that I have out of the way….escalator down…. 

     All the crap that I went through the week before was pretty much erased with the love and support from many of you. Thank you. You don’t know how much that means to me. It didn’t help that ‘My Hero’ reached number one on Amazon! I have been so overwhelmed (I’m starting to get tired of this word BTW), I’ve been numb for a good portion of the week. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think this would or could happen to me. Really, I’m just a nobody who sits here and tells stories that wander through my mind. 

     Oh…and one more good thing this week! I was nominated for author of the month for a little short story I did for Ravenous Romance call ‘Commander’. YAY!!! 

     I think that’s about it for this week. Thanks again to all of you for your bountiful support and love. 

     Max ;-)


  1. Awesome Blog as Always Max!!
    Great to read the behind thought of my hero and Your suc6 i am definitely sure that good things come to good people so ;)

  2. Great blog post! I have often had a similar conversation with my husband in regards to men vs women when it comes to sex. It doesn't shock me what you say and in many ways it makes total sense. I think women want men to view sex how they do most of the time. But you just can't thank you

  3. Congradulation! And yeah, men like to fuck. Gay men REALLY like to fuck. We've built whole resorts around the sport. :)

  4. I love you Max and I couldn't be happier for you if you were my own brother!

  5. Congrats on the nomination, Max :)

  6. Hi Max. I just finished My Hero and I loved it! I went into the story with out reading anything about it. It was fun and I did not expect to cry, be angry,laugh or sigh happily as much as I did. Awesome book! Great blog post too. Thanks for the clarification, the visuals were very helpful. *wink*