Sunday, December 11, 2016

I Feel Pretty...

     So… I’m sitting here with my electric warming house shoes on. What the hell? The temperature here is 51F and my feet are cold. Oh, I still have shorts on, but… well this is a little cooler than I like it. I guess it's okay. Makes it feel a little like Christmas. I’m just glad it isn’t going to last long. It will be going to be back up in the 80’s next week. So ha!

     Getting a bit serious…
     I don’t know if anyone has noticed or not, but I withdrew from most things social media. There were so much hateful things… so many things that were negative, things I didn’t want to see. I might dip my toe in the waters and see how it is, but I’m not promising anything.
     You know, if someone asks how you are and you say, “Oh, my back hurts and I stumped my toe and my life just sucks,” more than likely, whomever you’ve just told, their eyes probably glazed over and they zoned out. How are they supposed to react to that? What are they supposed to say? “Uh… I’m sorry?” Well duh. And then they run like hell.
     “How are you?”
     “I’m good, thank you, how are you?”
     They don’t give a flying fuck if your toe is broken. Okay, I may care but let’s get into it later in the conversation, just don't lead off with that. But let me tell you one thing, if someone starts off a conversation with them bemoaning all their woes, I’m going to tune them right the hell out. I have enough of my own issues to take on someone else’s, thank you very much. Let’s stay positive folks… at least to start off with.
     What else…
     Okay, as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes my sister is right. This growing old not only sucks, it’s downright painful at times. My mind says, “Yeah, you can do this!” and then my body says, “Oh the fuck you say!” Ugh… there are things I used to do with no problem. I’m all gung-ho about it and do it and then I pay for it. LOL
     Now you’d think I’d learn to take it a bit easier, but nooo… Stupid me goes right ahead and nearly kills myself. The end result is me hobbling around like an eighty-year-old man for a few days. Yeah, running a jackhammer, with that flipping Frankenstein boot on, is a prime example. I had that thing rented for 2 days and damn it, I was going to get it done. Well, I did but boy did I pay for it later. But hey, it was something that I’d wanted to do for some time, so I guess it was worth it. The only big problem was the following morning I got up outta bed… and then promptly fell into the closet. How apropos, eh? And here I thought I’d left that stupid closet decades ago. See how I waited to whinge until midway through this blog?
     Did you know…
     I really hate shopping. I specifically hate shopping for clothes. However, I saw this cool Xmas sweater that I really, really wanted. I went so far as to select the size, add it to the cart and was about to check out when I was rudely reminded (of course it was TAT that was so rude) “You do realize that you live in Florida and it’s like 80(F) degrees outside.”

     Talk about your party-pooper! I mean really. Alright, she has a point. How much would I actually wear a sweater in Florida? Doesn’t make it any easier since I did want that sweater. And yes, the photo is of the sweater I wanted. I guess I’ll look at is as having saved $40.00! Bah Humbug.

     I Feel Pretty…

     Do not ask why I thought of this… just did. I’m thinking it’s because I need a haircut and beard trim. I hope you’ll take the time to watch this little video. It is so me at the moment. Yeah, I can be pretty nuts sometimes.
     Moving right along…
     Um… drawing a blank here. I think I may need more coffee. Be right back… Ahhh, more better. Now I remember where I was going with this...
     A grrreat big THANK YOU to all those who have donated books for the Zebra Coalition book drive. I’ve received so many great books. I’m sure the postman is wondering what the hell is going on. Of course the UPS man is probably wondering the same thing.
     There is still plenty of room on the new bookshelf for more books, so keep ‘em coming y’all. If you have a favorite Y/A book, please send it on. If you are an author who has a Y/A book, please, donate it to this good cause. If you know of a Y/A author, please let them know about this project. How important is reading to you? Don’t you think that these LBGT youths want books they can relate to? Of course they do. So… take your Grinch pants off (of course you can always just strip naked if you want, I don’t care.) and think of the kids. Tis the season ya know.
     Okay, I think that’s about all I got this week. I think I’m going to go find something to do that won’t put me in a wheelchair.
     Have a grrreat day, y’all,

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